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CoinEx Works with Remitano to Help Vietnamese Users Buy and Sell Cryptos

2022-10-28 06:45:26

On October 28, 2022, CoinEx announced that users can now buy cryptos that include USDT and sell fiat currencies such as INR, VND, NGN, ZAR, MYR, GHS, and KES through Remitano, a third-party service provider for fiat currencies, on the exchange. At the same time, CoinEx users can make payments through Remitano Pay, Bank Transfers, and other payment methods.

Remitano is a platform that provides a P2P marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos easily and safely with simple UI, friendly online customer support 24/7, and low fees. According to its official profile, the Remitano team mainly consists of banking professionals with extensive experience in financial products, e-currencies, payment systems, and agile software development. Right now, users in most Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam included, can buy and sell cryptos through Remitano. It is noteworthy that as a reputable institution, Remitano enjoys a high credit rating in Vietnam. With the platform, Vietnamese users can easily buy and sell cryptos through local payment channels.

Available in 15 languages, including English and Vietnamese, CoinEx prioritizes the crypto trading experience of its Vietnamese users. Joining hands with Remitano, the exchange aims to provide more satisfying trading experiences and add new channels for users to trade cryptos. Meanwhile, CoinEx also intends to help all its Vietnamese users buy and sell cryptos with greater ease by offering them better fiat services. At the moment, CoinEx users can buy/sell the following cryptos and fiat currencies through Remitano:

To buy cryptos or sell fiat currencies through Remitano, CoinEx users should first log in to the CoinEx website, go to the [Fiat] page, select Remitano as the service provider, and complete the relevant operations according to the instructions. It should be noted that when buying cryptos through Remitano, as the platform features a minimum amount and a maximum amount, users should read the notice and adjust the amount to complete the purchase.

Additionally, as CoinEx uses the “C2B” mode to help users sell and buy cryptos with fiat currencies, users can choose from a selection of third-party service providers. When using Remitano, users are free to contact Remitano’s online customer service or send an email to team@remitano.com for help if any problem occurred during the process. Furthermore, Remitano will support more cryptos and fiat currency services on CoinEx in the future, which is great news for CoinEx users in Vietnam.

CoinEx now supports more than 60 fiat currencies, covering USD, EUR, RUB, JPY, KRW, IDR, and VND, for buying cryptos, and 10 fiat currencies that include USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, MYR, RUB, THB, and VND for selling cryptos. Users can buy and sell cryptos on CoinEx directly through third-party fiat currency service providers with the preferred price and payment method. In the future, CoinEx will also partner up with more third-party fiat currency service providers to help users from all over the world trade cryptos with ease.

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