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Company Update

CoinEx Charity Holds Non-profit Webinars: Focusing on Educational Equality and Contributing to Online Courses

2022-11-04 05:12:44

In October, CoinEx Charity hosted three non-profit webinars in conjunction with EnRedo. This has been the first joint activity since CoinEx Charity sponsored the online courses organized by EnRedo. The activity is open to all students who participated in this non-profit online class, aiming to familiarize college students with the characteristics and distinctive services offered by CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange. The activity lasted for three days and attracted more than 150 students.

Link: https://youtu.be/0PZtoeDvMrU

Providing Non-profit Online Courses to Empower Education

Under the impact of Covid-19, most schools around the world have initiated online courses. Faced with the new teaching system, these schools have to prepare online courses as a top priority. However, the production of online courses involves expertise such as video editing techniques, and that has posed a huge challenge to schools without the assistance of professional institutions. As a Colombia-based non-profit organization with network-building knowledge and collaborative relationships, EnRedo can provide the technologies needed for offering public online courses. As a global charity organization focusing on equitable education that has always been dedicated to global educational resources and the environment, CoinEx Charity feels obliged to sponsor the non-profit online courses in Colombia without hesitation. The two charitable organizations have formed a long-term partnership to offer free online courses to over 20 schools and educational institutions in Colombia, allowing more students to continue their education in universities.


This is not the first time that CoinEx Charity has contributed to charitable education. Early in 2022, the CoinEx Charity team traveled to 12 countries and regions, donating more than 10,000 books and school supplies to poor students in local schools and helping them build new reading corners.

By sponsoring online courses in collaboration with EnRedo, CoinEx Charity hopes to help students in Colombia acquire new knowledge outside the classroom, improve their learning skills and maintain their passion for learning. The non-profit online course will enhance the educational quality in more regions and also contribute to educational equality. In the future, CoinEx Charity will host a variety of teaching and research seminars and webinars, and donate online courses to students and schools across regions.


As the technologies for online course production achieve a high level of maturity, the focus of online courses will be shifted from technology-oriented to people-oriented. Online courses should be tailored to the diversified needs of different students, thus enabling them to learn at their own pace. Currently, non-profit online courses are needed in many regions around the world. In addition to online courses, a non-profit online program should also account for the accessibility and functionality of terminal devices, which poses a bottleneck on the current education. CoinEx Charity calls on non-profit organizations worldwide to jointly promote educational equality and offer those students even in the most remote areas fair access to high-quality educational resources anytime and anywhere.


In days to come, CoinEx Charity will launch a series of non-profit educational events, including non-profit courses on knowledge, campus safety, and mental health, in a bid to empower more children with a high-quality education. By setting a good example, the organization also strives to engage more people in promoting non-profit education and caring about the growth of the youth and children to help those impoverished children all over the world realize their dreams, broaden their horizons and embrace a brighter future.

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