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Dollar Cost Averaging DCA Meaning

2022-11-09 12:14:05

What is DCA meaning in crypto?

DCA is an acronym for Dollar Cost Averaging. DCA is a financial market investment strategy that entails making regular installment investments over a predetermined time, regardless of the asset price. Cryptocurrency investors use the DCA technique to purchase cryptocurrency at various prices to reduce the volatility impact on their cryptocurrency portfolio.

dollar cost averaging

Investors utilize DCA to reduce the effects of short-term market downtrends on their cryptocurrency investments. If the price of a cryptocurrency falls while you are dollar-cost averaging, you still profit if the price rises again. Over the long run, DCA is a really wise investment strategy for newbies in cryptocurrency investment. It's a way to steadily yet gradually build wealth, even if you start with little installments. 

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) calculator

DCA calculator is a programmed investment calculator where users can choose an asset, set recurring investment amounts over a steady timeframe, and calculate yields. A DCA calculator can be also used to visualize and calculate the historical returns of investing a recurring amount in a certain cryptocurrency.

DCA-CC is a famous DCA calculator used by investors, the calculator gets a real-time trading price of cryptocurrencies and helps investors to monitor and visualize their portfolio and see their gains and losses at any time. The DCA-CC can help you see if your investment strategy will generate the return you want. 

To manually calculate the dollar cost average of your cryptocurrency portfolio, divide the total cost by the total number of cryptocurrencies bought. Dollar Cost Average = Total Cost/Total Number of Tokens.

What is DCA Investment Strategy?

DCA Investment strategy is an investment technique that involves investing in equal installments at regular intervals regardless of the invested asset price. 

It's essential to note that DCA is primarily employed for long-term investments and that this method is employed to combat sudden market volatility. Cryptocurrency bear or bull markets can span months or even years. As a result, dollar-cost averaging is less effective as a short-term investment strategy. 

It is important as investors to conduct a fundamental and technical analysis of the cryptocurrency for the long term before investing in it using this technique as the DCA strategy does not eliminate investment risks.

Below is a graphical representation of how to perform DCA and the steps taken to implement the DCA strategy in bitcoin investment.

DCA strategy in bitcoin investment
  1. The first step in DCA is deciding how much you can afford to invest in bitcoin (crypto) each month (predetermined time). For your investment to be the same throughout, you should also ensure that the sum you intend to invest fits within your budget. The investor in the graphical representation above is at ease making a commitment of $1,000 per month for an entire year.
  2. Deciding where to store your cryptocurrency is necessary before you start your DCA strategy in cryptocurrencies. You can store it on an exchange (custodial) or a decentralized (non-custodial wallet).
  3. The next step is to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange to buy bitcoin (crypto) easily with low fees. There are centralized and decentralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges have some limitations due to no KYC. To prevent fraud and money laundering, there are now low limits set for buying cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges.
  4. On centralized exchange, there are also limits but higher limits, these limits depend on levels of KYC. CoinEx is a recommended exchange to buy cryptocurrency to perform DCA. With CoinEx, you can easily buy bitcoin with a user-friendly interface and deposit money with your native fiat currency with ease supporting several deposit methods. More than 500 cryptocurrencies are listed on CoinEx and are available for trading with about 969 markets. 
  5. Finally, you must adhere to your commitments, regularly purchase bitcoin (crypto) according to your DCA plan, and store it wherever you choose. According to the graphical example provided above, the Investor purchases $1000 worth of bitcoin every month regardless of the bitcoin's trading price.

You can track your profit or loss with any DCA calculator at any time without stalking your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Tabular DCA Illustration

Mr. Johnson’s Bitcoin DCA Investment Table for One Year

Bitcoin DCA Investment Table for One Year

Below is Mr. Johnson’s bitcoin portfolio value after a year of implementing DCA to invest in bitcoin.

bitcoin portfolio value after a year of implementing DCA

Benefits and risks of DCA


  1. DCA helps in preventing short-term volatility impacts on cryptocurrency investments. 
  2. DCA removes the uncertainty surrounding "the best time to invest" and reinforces the practice and habit of accumulating wealth over time.
  3. DCA is a good investment strategy for investors with a low-risk tolerance because they invest in a cryptocurrency for the long term regardless of its price. 
  4. This technique also assists emotional investors in becoming less concerned about the current trading price of the invested cryptocurrency.


  1. DCA investment strategy on cryptocurrency comes with risks considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. The DCA strategy does not eliminate investment risks.
  2. Since DCA is a long-term investment strategy, DCA investors miss out on taking profits on short-term uptrends.
  3. In investment, the higher the risk, the higher the returns the lower the risk, the lower the returns. As a result, using a DCA strategy to reduce risk will inevitably result in lower returns.


DCA is an investment strategy that is employed to reduce volatility impact on investors’ cryptocurrency portfolios. Investors utilize DCA to reduce the effects of short-term market downtrends on their cryptocurrency investments. DCA has advantages and disadvantages. 

It is important for investors to decide the amount they can afford to invest in at the predetermined time and make sure they keep to the regular installments. The DCA strategy isn't a sure bet to eliminate investment risks. It is just the safest method to beat volatility.

It is also important for investors to conduct a fundamental and technical analysis of the cryptocurrency for the long term before performing DCA. 

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