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CoinEx Charity Public Lecture: Safeguard Your Crypto Assets by Tracking Cyber Security

2022-11-30 07:23:24

Recently, FTX has been threatened by bankruptcy risks arising from its liquidity crisis. Meanwhile, the collapse of the top crypto exchange exacerbated the market panic under bearish conditions. For users, what is really worrying is whether their crypto assets will remain safe and secure.

Over recent years, the boom of Bitcoin and NFTs attracted a growing number of people to the crypto space. To many, the value of crypto is extremely appealing. However, the constant crypto scandals, including bankruptcies, rug pulls, and fund misappropriations, have made us question the security of crypto assets. In the age of information where our crypto assets seem to be facing potential security threats all the time, how should we safeguard our privacy and security? 

On November 8, UxTIC, a network of universities founded to promote research in Information and Communication Technology, hosted a seminar in Bogotá on cyber security in digital assets, which was attended by CoinEx Charity and representatives from the Ministry of Defense of Colombia. On the seminar, CoinEx Charity’s speaker explored ways to maintain data security and the security technologies of CoinEx objectively and systematically. Focusing on digital asset security, information sharing & data security, and personal information protection under today’s new circumstances, the speaker illustrated the relevant theories by combining them with real-world cases, which was well-received by the audience.


Host public lectures to empower charitable education

During the seminar on cyber security in digital assets, which attracted hundreds of attendees, a number of cyber security experts talked about how to protect our personal digital assets. Backed by a team with years of blockchain experience, CoinEx Charity, the charity brand under CoinEx Exchange, probed into some of the trending crypto asset incidents and illustrated the security risks of crypto, providing valuable experiences and suggestions to enhance local cyber security.


CoinEx Charity also introduced much basic security know-how, including how to save crypto passwords or keys and the safe ways to use social media. Finally, the organization also shared the multiple security protection measures provided for users on CoinEx, covering data back-up and verification, multiple authentications (SMS, 2FA, and email), and the official URL verification tool. As CoinEx offers easy services and satisfying experiences for each user, the exchange also strives to safeguard the asset security of its users.

Since 2022 kicked off, CoinEx Charity has hosted multiple public lectures and free online courses jointly with UxTIC and EnRedo to provide more students with professional knowledge through accessible educational resources. The “Blockchain and Cryptoactive 2022s2” free online courses are now available. Covering over 20 schools and institutions, the courses provide free, specialized blockchain education for tens of thousands of students.

CoinEx Charity has been devoted to reducing global poverty through education since day one. This April, the CoinEx Charity team visited financially-challenged schools in different countries and regions to improve the learning conditions of students. Through a period of six months, the organization visited over 10 countries and procured books, shelves, learning supplies, and school uniforms for students in more than 20 schools. By sending all-new supplies to underfunded schools, CoinEx Charity has created more enabling learning environments for local students. 

By joining the public online course program, CoinEx Charity aims to bridge the education gap between cities and remote areas and provide more students access to a decent education. In the future, CoinEx Charity will roll out more charitable education programs by working with top charities. Leveraging the power of technology and the Internet, the organization will bring first-class education resources to every corner of the globe, especially teachers and kids in regions where education is underdeveloped, thereby enabling equity in education worldwide. 

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