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Disaster Relief & Poverty Alleviation at the Front Line: CoinEx Charity Demonstrates the Power of Charity Through Real Actions

2022-11-30 07:35:07

CoinEx will celebrate its fifth anniversary in December 2022. Along the way, the exchange has grown and evolved thanks to the trust and support of its global users. To give back to users and communities, CoinEx has been actively involved in charity and created a charity arm named CoinEx Charity, as well as the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund. Repaying communities through real actions, CoinEx Charity has launched a series of charitable programs worldwide, covering educational support, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief.

A charity is driven by love and compassion

As a long-standing crypto exchange, CoinEx aims to make crypto trading easier. It has offered accessible, easy-to-use crypto trading products, created a global presence and built a comprehensive product family covering financial derivatives and innovative services, which earned the exchange growing user recognition. As it achieves fast growth, CoinEx has remained committed to its original motivations. To further fulfil its social responsibilities and to empower global charity, in 2022, the exchange founded CoinEx Charity, an international charity, which marks its first step on the new journey of charity.

The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR 2022), released by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) this April, reveals that between 350 and 500 medium to large-scale disasters took place every year over the past two decades. The number of disaster events is projected to reach 560 a year – or 1.5 each day – by 2030. Natural disasters disproportionately affect poor countries, and CoinEx Charity intends to lend a helping hand through charitable donations, sending warmth and care to those living in affected areas. 

CoinEx Charity made cash donations to the Philippines when the country was hit by Typhoon Rai in January 2022. It also sent a rescue team and rushed to the front line with 300-plus supply packages, offering much-needed help to locals.

CoinEx Charity made immediate cash donations to Brazil when it was hit by a mega rainstorm in February 2022 to extend a helping hand to locals hurt by the disaster.

When Bangladesh suffered rare and catastrophic flooding in July 2022, CoinEx Charity made every effort to support the flood control and disaster relief efforts. While ensuring the safety of people and their properties, the organization fully assisted local rescuers in flood control and donated cash and living supplies to areas hit by flooding for emergency rescue and post-disaster recovery, helping locals tide over the disaster.

CoinEx Charity responding to disaster relief in Bangladesh

In terms of poverty alleviation, CoinEx Charity has donated materials and supplies to people in impoverished areas through offline charitable events. During the Iranian New Year, the organization visited over 100 poor families in Iran and provided them with living supplies. This April, CoinEx Charity gave out more than 500 Easter gifts to poor kids in Brazil. During this year’s Eid al-Adha, the team sent holiday gift packages to over 1,000 poverty-stricken residents in Türkiye, Syria, Iran, and Indonesia.

From disaster relief to targeted poverty alleviation, CoinEx Charity has always been on the front line. Sparing no efforts in offering help, the organization insists on both corporate development and charity.

The charity has no end

CoinEx Charity’s pursuit of charity has no end. The organization has always prioritized the fulfilment of its social responsibilities. As it launches charitable programs in multiple fields, spanning culture, disaster relief, education, and public welfare, CoinEx Charity has fully demonstrated its selfless commitment to charitable causes.

As a top crypto company, CoinEx organically combines charity, corporate development, and social responsibility. Actively involved in charitable programs worldwide, the exchange strives to carry forward the power of charity. Going forward, CoinEx Charity will continue to give back to communities through charitable efforts, build care systems, and host charitable events to help more people around the world.

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