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Company Update

CoinEx’s Persistence on “Ease of Use”

2022-12-13 03:45:40

CoinEx, an exchange officially founded in December 2017. By virtue of its simple, artistic UI design and easy operation, CoinEx has attracted thousands of investors and traders and developed at a steady pace. 

In 2022, CoinEx adopted an all-new brand slogan: “Making Crypto Trading Easier”. By breaking the shackles of traditional finance and making trading easier, it aims to become an important gateway for global crypto enthusiasts to the crypto world. Since its inception, CoinEx has put user experience first and has been committed to integrating the features of ease of use, convenience, security, and efficiency into its products and services.

In the fifth year after its establishment, after continuous improvements in its products and services, CoinEx now serves over 4 million users across more than 200 countries and regions around the world. With an increasing inflow of crypto enthusiasts, CoinEx is more convinced that it should stick to its slogan of “making crypto trading easier” in the future development.

Unlike other crypto trading platforms, CoinEx has always sought to bring users the best trading experience by simplifying operations. Based on its market analysis and repeated consideration, this exchange offers products including spot trading, margin trading, futures contracts, AMM, finance, and CoinEx Dock. It’s also noteworthy that CoinEx is one of the earliest CEXs that proposed AMM on the market. Obviously, the platform has put equal emphasis on the diversity of products besides ease of use. 

Fully aware that internationalization requires more than products, CoinEx has soon made its services available in languages such as English, French, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic, covering 15 language areas globally. CoinEx also recruits partners from different language areas. In the meantime, it has applied for official channels on multiple social platforms to build an all-round and considerate service system, thus making the crypto space more accessible and helping more users trade cryptos via CoinEx. 

For the past year, many crypto companies went under due to frequent scandals. While ensuring the security of user assets, CoinEx never ignores the trading efficiency. With a self-developed high-speed transaction matching engine, the platform can carry up to 10,000 transactions per second, providing users with a more efficient experience.

Over the past five years, CoinEx has continuously optimized its products and services to make crypto trading easier. The decentralization advocated by blockchain technology aims to bring most of the privileges in the hands of a few back to the general public, so this technology should not be restricted. Having noticed that some platforms are setting increasingly complex requirements for registration and posing higher barriers for newcomers, CoinEx becomes more determined to stick to its slogan of “making crypto trading easier” and make concrete efforts in this regard.

As an established exchange, CoinEx has never forgotten its social responsibility. In 2022, CoinEx Charity carried out charitable events in many countries and regions around the world. It donated books and learning supplies to children in some poverty-stricken areas, and helped more than 400 flood-stricken families in Bangladesh in July.

Committed to “making crypto trading easier”, CoinEx will upgrade its product system and services and make the crypto industry more accessible to global crypto enthusiasts through comprehensive efforts to turn itself into an easy-to-use, efficient and secure crypto trading platform. At the same time, the platform will persist in the charitable cause and bring hope to more people around the world.

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