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CoinEx Charity’s Partners: Partnerships Inspired by Love and Compassion

2022-12-16 03:07:00

To expand the coverage of charitable education and student aid, and to help more out-of-school children in poor areas, CoinEx Charity, an international charitable organization, has built long-term partnerships with multiple non-profit organizations that share its visions. Together, they are building a more comprehensive charity framework to empower education and provide financial assistance for poor children.

Gathering momentum through compassion

Passing on the messages of love, CoinEx has taken charitable actions since its inception. From the promotion of charity to full involvement in the cause, this world-renowned crypto exchange has established CoinEx Charity and the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to fulfill its social responsibilities and give back to communities through real actions. In the past year, CoinEx Charity has partnered up with the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV), the Brazil-headquartered Projeto Ajudador, the Colombia-based Enredo, and Human Development Foundation (HDF) in Thailand to create a heart-warming charity community through friendly, long-term partnerships. With a continued focus on education, the organization has hosted charitable programs including student aid and book donations in places around the world.

During the rough times brought about by the global outbreak of COVID-19, an increasing number of children lose access to education. According to the latest UN report, “more than 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet are or have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” As this “invisible” crisis hit kids hard, the United Nations and the World Bank have sounded the alarm. Facing such tough challenges, CoinEx Charity decided to take action and empower education by joining hands with its charity partners through charitable programs. In August 2022, CoinEx Charity joined the charitable education program launched by KAÇUV and HDF, providing funds and scholarships for hundreds of poor children in Turkiye and Thailand to help them continue their education. Meanwhile, the team also went to schools around the world to visit the children they funded and bring them brand-new school supplies, encouraging them to study hard and contribute to local communities. Education charity demands efforts from more participants. CoinEx Charity hopes scholarships to poor students could encourage more kind-hearted individuals and companies to join the cause. 

In addition to student aids and scholarships, CoinEx Charity also visited the charity school for homeless kids set up by Projeto Ajudador, an aid organization in Brazil, and donated 500 books and numerous teaching supplies to create better reading and learning conditions for local kids. These charitable donations were appreciated by Projeto Ajudador, and the two also reached a friendly partnership after the visit.

CoinEx Charity and Enredo co-created free online courses in Colombia in July 2022 to empower distance education and help more children continue their education through online courses. By offering free courses to over 20 institutions and schools, the two have worked to resolve the imbalance of teaching resources between regions and enable equity in education.

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has stayed true to its original motivations and contributed to charitable programs such as the Mercy Children Program and Education Is My Hope to empower education in underdeveloped regions and promote equity in education. As it fulfills its social responsibilities, the organization has contributed to social well-being and provided the fullest support for charitable education.

A long-term commitment to charitable causes

Gathering momentum through love and compassion, CoinEx Charity aims to grow alongside its partners to integrate different charity resources and explore new models. Through charitable actions such as education charity and poverty alleviation, the organization has delivered real benefits to communities and passed forward the inspiring message of charity through love and compassion. In the future, CoinEx Charity will join hands with more non-profit organizations to make greater contributions to global charity. 

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