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Unlock Your Anniversary Report with CoinEx Time Machine

2022-12-26 01:09:35

Amid the downturn in the global economy, the crypto market has witnessed a turbulent year in 2022 after its boom in 2021. This year, the crypto industry witnessed a chain reaction of negative incidents, from the Terra meltdown through Three Arrows’ bankruptcy to the FTX crash, and also new breakthroughs in technologies and applications, such as the Ethereum merge, the rise of Layer 2, and the comeback of X-to-Earn models. Despite the bearish conditions in 2022, the crypto market is welcoming a growing inflow of global investors and has become an international market for the public that cannot be ignored.

As the industry is going through a harsh winter, CoinEx, committed to long-termism, has never slowed down its pace, and made continuous efforts in product optimization, new feature development, token listing, user events, and security. These efforts have paid off as it won recognition from more than 4 million users across over 200 countries and regions.

For the past year, dedicated to “making crypto trading easier”, CoinEx has kept optimizing products, and upgraded the visual effect of its Web and App. The concise webpage interaction and intuitive guidance have saved users much energy and time for learning. It’s also noteworthy that CoinEx has upgraded products such as spot trading and futures trading by providing more detailed user guides and operation tutorials as well as Markets Overview. By doing so, it lowered the financial barrier to help every newcomer quickly get started. 

To offer more financial services, CoinEx launched Swap, CoinEx Dock and other new products this year. Now it supports nearly 700 AMM markets, over 120 futures markets, nearly 30 tokens for financial service, and over 10 third-party fiat currency service providers that enable users to buy and sell cryptos with nearly 100 fiat currencies. With CoinEx products and services, users worldwide could enjoy easy access to the crypto space effortlessly.  

CoinEx sticks to independently reviewing tokens and quickly listing as many quality tokens as possible, helping users spot innovative assets to seize the first-mover advantage in the market. At present, CoinEx has supported over 630 quality tokens and 1,000-plus trading markets, covering trending segments such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, meme, DAO, and Layer 2. For crypto trading, CoinEx is all that users need.

To give back to users and add more fun to trading, CoinEx launched CoinEx Tradeboard in 2022 and has hosted seven ranking sessions since, giving away rewards worth more than $67,000 to users. It’s also worth mentioning that CoinEx made easy airdrops of rewards to users from time to time this year.

When the industry suffered a trust crisis at the end of 2022, CoinEx took the lead in launching the Proof of Reserve in the industry, setting investors’ mind at rest and securing user assets with a commitment to openness and transparency.

It is fair to say that CoinEx has served 4 million global users well with its easy-to-use products in 2022. So what have its users gained this year?

On the occasion of CoinEx’s fifth anniversary, the exchange has launched CoinEx Time Machine. Users can visit CoinEx Time Machine on the Promotion page to check their Anniversary Report and share the big moments with friends. The Anniversary Report will tell them every detail on the platform for the past year, covering the total number of transactions, the cumulative trading amount, total revenue from AMM, total revenue from Financial Account, cumulative event rewards, and yearly PNL analysis. Everything on users’ crypto journey with CoinEx will be recorded in CoinEx Time Machine.

CoinEx will generate the exclusive word of 2022 according to users’ Anniversary Report. Words such as Crypto Bezos, Master Operator, Metaverse Guardian, and Airdrop Favor will definitely attract friends’ admiration on social platforms.

To express its gratitude to all users for their trust and support during the past five years, CoinEx has prepared another big surprise. After checking their Anniversary Report through CoinEx Time Machine, users can get an entrance ticket to In5inity Challenges and draw the $Million Mystery Boxes, with the biggest prize of 2,000 USDT! Now check your word of 2022 in CoinEx Time Machine and get a ticket to In5inity Challenges!

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