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CoinEx 5th Celebration: Unbox $Million Mystery Boxes for Free!

2022-12-26 02:17:53

In 2022, CoinEx will celebrate its fifth birthday. In the winter of 2017, CoinEx was founded in the height of Bitcoin’s bull run. Today, CoinEx has grown into a global crypto exchange with more than 4 million users. Over the past five years, the crypto world has been making breakthroughs and innovations, and CoinEx has also made a series of achievements amid numerous challenges. From a little-known exchange to a world-famous crypto veteran, CoinEx has never ceased to innovate and develop its products and services.

CoinEx 5th gift

CoinEx’s extraordinary track record was not built in a day

In the past five years, CoinEx has built an international crypto financial ecosystem based on crypto assets and underlying blockchain technologies. The exchange provides users with diversified products such as spot, futures, margin trading and financial services by constantly enriching its product family. In order to lower the barriers for users to enter the crypto world, CoinEx has always been committed to designing easy-to-use products and putting user experience first. In days to come, CoinEx aims to become the first bridge connecting new users with the crypto world, lead the new paradigm of crypto transactions, and make great contributions to the prosperity of the crypto world.

As always, CoinEx has grown together with numerous users. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the CoinEx team has launched the “$Million Mystery Boxes” for global users. Whether you are a newcomer who just registered an account on CoinEx or a loyal user who has been supporting the exchange for years, you can visit the official website to join and get lucky gifts.

unbox $million mystery boxes

Grand challenges for $Million Mystery Boxes

Time: 00:00 on December 24, 2022 - 00:00 on January 8, 2023 (UTC)


1. Firstly, aboard with CoinEx Time Machine, unlock your annual report, and discover the ticket to Grand Challenge, so that you can win the chance to unbox $million mystery box;

2. With the prompts, users can experience CoinEx’s services and complete all the challenges.

Challenge time: 00:00 on January 1, 2022 - 00:00 on January 8, 2023 (UTC)

Challenge 1: On-chain deposit ≥50 USD (inter-user transfer excluded)

Challenge 2: Spot/margin trading volume≥50 USD (spot or margin trading)

Challenge 3: Complete the swap

Challenge 4: Deposit cryptos in the Financial Account

Challenge 5: Futures trading volume≥1,000 USD

For loyal users who have completed the five challenges above and met the requirements of a certain challenge within the time limit, the challenge completed will be displayed after login. During the celebration, a series of random voucher incentives will be given away to help you complete the challenges.

3. Pick one to unbox:

  • Complete challenges 1 to 3, and you will have the chance to unbox the "Anniversary Mystery Box";
  • Complete challenges 1 to 5, and your chance will be upgraded to unbox the "Ultimate Mystery box" OR "Anniversary Mystery Box".

Tips: Both come in limited quantity, with the top prize reaching 2,000 USDT. First come, first served. 

Unbox surprise: $Million Mystery Boxes will be opened at 00:00 on January 1, 2023 (UTC) , and each user can only unbox ONE Mystery Box.

The past five years have seen CoinEx grow into a trustworthy, safe and easy-to-use international exchange, a guide to millions of users for entry to the crypto world, and a partner to grow together with. Looking further ahead, CoinEx will remain true to its original aspirations and join hands with global users to fight for the vision of “becoming the infrastructure of the blockchain world” and embark on a splendid journey over the next five years!

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