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Join CoinEx 5th Celebration Special via Easy Futures Trading: 50,000 USDT for Grabs!

2022-12-27 03:33:25

Right now, futures represents the largest category of crypto derivatives in terms of trading volume. According to Muse Labs, the futures volume occupied 7.45% of the total trading volume recorded by CEXs in 2019, and that figure soared to 50.35% in 2021, a stunning growth within just two years. As for trading volumes registered in 2022, futures trading has stood out in the derivatives segment with indisputable market dominance.

As the futures market expanded, a large number of crypto platforms started to support futures trading. CoinEx had seen the vast potential of futures trading and worked on this category long before it asserted its dominance in the derivatives markets. Over the years, CoinEx has made strong moves in the futures market, provided users with more trading options, and improved the futures trading experience. CoinEx has thus become one of the few earliest crypto trading platforms that supported futures trading. 

When developing futures trading products, CoinEx prioritizes ease of use to make futures trading more beginner-friendly and introduce more global users to futures. From product usage to the trading process, the CoinEx team always aims to turn sophistication into ease of use. The exchange has consistently simplified the futures trading process and made it easier to trade futures. As it provides investors with easier, more convenient futures trading services, CoinEx helps more beginners worldwide start their first futures adventure effortlessly.

At the moment, more than 4 million users in over 200 countries and regions can access CoinEx’s futures trading products without any KYC authentication. Moreover, users can also start new positions and close their existing positions with one click on both Web and App. With CoinEx’s professional Help Center and localized language support, users can get started with futures trading in no time, without having to spend much time learning how to trade futures. In the meantime, relying on Contract Data and Markets Overview, investors can easily capture market movements and make more accurate trading decisions to mitigate relevant risks.

According to CoinEx 2021 Annual Report, the exchange set a new record in terms of global total trading volume, with an 882% YoY increase in spot trading volume and a 6,840% YoY growth in futures trading volume. The stunning growth of futures trading volume demonstrates CoinEx’s dedication to the futures market in 2021, as well as the global recognition earned by its easy-to-use futures trading products. During the past five years in the crypto market since its inception, a growing number of users have traded futures on CoinEx. 

CoinEx 5th Celebration is now in full swing, and the Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special) has also kicked off. From December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023, users can sign up for the ranking on the Promotion page and start trading futures in the specified markets. Users whose trading volume reaches the standard can share the 50,000 USDT in the prize pool! It should also be noted that the 5th Celebration Special covers all linear futures markets. In other words, all CoinEx users who trade futures during the period could have the chance to win double rewards!

CoinEx Tradeboard, live since June 2022, is a unique promotion for CoinEx users. Right now, it has become one of the major events on the platform. The campaign aims to encourage users to trade cryptos, add more fun to crypto trading, and provide more user-exclusive benefits.

Through CoinEx’s easy futures trading process and the fun Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special), users can trade futures while having entertaining contests to win exclusive anniversary rewards. Go to the CoinEx website to sign up for the Futures Trading Volume Ranking now to share the amazing prize pool!

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