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Get on the Time Machine With CoinEx to Get Back to 2017

2022-12-27 09:54:47

In 2017, feeling pity for the poor user experience delivered by a variety of exchanges, Haipo Yang, founder of ViaBTC, sensed the future of crypto exchanges. In December 2017, he founded CoinEx, aiming to build a secure, reliable, and user-friendly crypto exchange. The birth of CoinEx in a bull market comes as a response to the market demand and is also an evidence of Haipo Yang’s visions and ambitions.

In January 2018, CoinEx launched CET, a value-added services privileges scheme. CET can be deducted directly as trading fees and also grant users VIP privileges, airdrop incentives, Accelerator support for quality projects, qualification for participating in platform operation, and other exclusive privileges. With more diverse and flexible trading scenarios, CET has seized the public spotlight upon its launch as one of the platform tokens that crypto investors are most concerned with.

In September 2019, CoinEx launched its financial services to help investors profit from their idle assets. The service meets the financial needs of users, and also creates more value for them. In the same month, CoinEx launched futures contracts. In 2019, futures trading accounted for only 7.45% of the total trading volume on decentralized exchanges, a minor player in the derivatives market. Yet recognizing the potential of the futures contract at that time, CoinEx launched futures and released a series of plans for the emerging segment.

It’s noteworthy that in 2019, relying on its diverse products and services, CoinEx rose as one of the trading platforms with the most extensive business layout in the world.

In March 2020, CoinEx rolled out the Ambassador program, which attracted over 3,000 crypto investors worldwide. The program has not only given numerous crypto users job opportunities but also helped them realize self-value in the industry.

In February 2021, CoinEx launched AMM, an innovation to replace the traditional matching model of order book. With this new feature, every user can become a market maker to provide liquidity for the market. In March 2021, CoinEx started its global expansion strategy. It expanded its market presence across 15 language zones around the world, providing quality services for more users. In June the same year, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) mainnet went live. It has provided CET with more application scenarios and value, and also made it easier for users to build DApps.

2022 marks a vital year for CoinEx. This April, CoinEx upgraded its slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier” to eliminate shackles of traditional finance. As the gateway for users to the crypto world, CoinEx strives to help everyone in the world complete crypto transactions effortlessly. The same month also witnessed the establishment of CoinEx Charity, which focuses on the charitable cause to help those in need and “via blockchain, make the world a better place”.

In 2022, CoinEx has listed over 600 cryptos and supported 1,000+ trading markets, covering multiple trending segments including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, meme, DAO, and Layer 2. This year represents a new milestone in the history of CoinEx. The exchange has also made consistent efforts in improving its products and services concerning futures, fiat currencies, finance, etc., as evidenced by Swap, Contract Data, Markets Overview, and CoinEx Tradeboard. All of these come as solid evidence of CoinEx’s dedication to providing easy-to-use products and convenient crypto trading experiences for its users.

When the industry was struggling in chaos and a trust crisis in December 2022, CoinEx took the lead in launching the Proof of Reserve. This new feature has not only reassured CoinEx users but also secured their assets in a transparent way. 

In retrospect, along the development path with numerous users in the crypto world during the past five years since its inception, CoinEx has provided easy-to-use products and pleasant crypto services and secured assets for over 4 million users across 200-plus countries and regions.

As CoinEx 5th Celebration is in full swing, users can participate in the Time Machine to check their Anniversary Report and unlock their word of 2022. After that, they can also claim the ticket to the “Grand Challenges” where they can unbox $Million Mystery Boxes that may contain huge rewards!

The past five years belong to both CoinEx and its users. While many of you may have forgotten what you went through in the fast-changing market over time, CoinEx has kept every bit of it for you. Now get on the Time Machine to cherish the past five years and cheer for the future. In 2023, let’s brave the bear and embrace the bull!

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