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Start Your First Futures Trade on CoinEx to Enjoy Easier Futures Trading

2022-12-28 02:40:50

As it records rapid growth in trading volumes, the futures market has surpassed the spot market as an indispensable part of the crypto space and a mainstream investment channel, capturing intensive spotlight.

In contrast to the spot market without too much diversity, futures, especially linear contracts, allow users to earn profits through long-term holding and high leverage, without having to hold many different types of cryptos. Thanks to such an advantage, a growing number of crypto investors are venturing into the futures market. Although this market has become the primary investment choice of many crypto users, futures contracts remain inaccessible to most newcomers to this industry.

First of all, the futures market, a place for trading crypto derivatives, is highly fragmented and lacks unified standards. In addition, futures contracts offered by different crypto exchanges come with varying structures, and their terms and conditions drastically differ. For instance, futures contracts provided by some exchanges are complicated and require high learning costs, while others come with professional-exclusive mechanisms that are not friendly to beginners.

In 2022, CoinEx upgraded its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier”. Aiming to eliminate all financial restraints and make crypto trading more accessible, CoinEx strives to provide users with easy-to-use products and convenient trading processes. To that end, when improving and upgrading its futures products, the exchange seeks to turn sophistication into ease of use to facilitate futures trading and offer more investor-friendly services in this regard, thereby helping more crypto beginners worldwide start trading futures with ease.

I. CoinEx Futures: Simple product designs and convenient trading processes

To begin with, CoinEx provides a simple, straightforward webpage for futures trading. On CoinEx, the Futures page offers a clear picture of the market conditions and existing orders, helping users start trading futures right away. Secondly, when trading futures on CoinEx (Web & App), users can start a position at any moment, check the real-time PNL of their current position, and close positions with one click, which are all easy operations.

Additionally, CoinEx offers a professional, all-encompassing, and localized Help Center that allows users to dive right into blockchain know-how and learn how to trade cryptos through step-by-step instructions. Through simple illustrated articles and videos, as well as simulated futures trades, users can get familiar with crypto futures in no time. They can also search for definitions of new futures jargon through the Help Center.

II. KYC-free futures trading: CoinEx preserves traders’ anonymity

When trading futures contracts on CoinEx, users do not have to go through any KYC authentication, a dilemma facing crypto users in certain countries/regions. At the same time, the exchange protects users’ assets with multiple security strategies. In addition to an anonymous, secure trading environment, CoinEx also promises that all crypto assets will be 100% reserved, allowing users to start a position and earn profits with zero concerns.

III. CoinEx helps users mitigate their position risks more securely and conveniently via multiple futures trading mechanisms

To help users manage positions and control the relevant risks with ease, CoinEx introduced multiple futures mechanisms such as Auto-deleveraging (ADL), the Insurance Fund, and the Funding Fee. On CoinEx, the Futures Index Price is determined by the average spot price recorded by multiple trading platforms and features a built-in exception-processing logic. This makes sure that the Index Price will only fluctuate within a normal range when the price provided by a single platform becomes significantly volatile, so that users could rest assured when trading futures.

IV. CoinEx’s Contract Data helps users quickly analyze market trends

This year, CoinEx has kept upgrading its futures products and introduced a new function called Contract Data, which offers helpful figures that help users study the market environment and improve their trading strategies. As users check and tap into Contract Data on CoinEx, they get to feel the changing market trend and determine the right trading direction via data analysis, which helps them profit from the next deal. In addition, the figures offered by CoinEx are not limited to futures markets and also apply to spot trading.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, CoinEx has launched the fifth-anniversary futures trading campaign with a 50,000 USDT prize pool. Users could share the prize pool after completing their first futures trade on CoinEx while enjoying an easier futures trading experience.

CoinEx now features over 100 futures markets. In the future, it will keep improving its futures products and services to provide a wide range of market choices and easier trading experiences. We also welcome more users around the world to start their first future trade on the exchange, where they can enjoy pleasant crypto investment experiences in futures markets and capture more crypto wealth together with CoinEx.

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