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CoinEx Futures Trading Volume Ranking Coming Soon: Join the CoinEx 5th Celebration to Share the 50,000 USDT Prize Pool

2022-12-30 06:55:44

According to the latest CoinEx announcement, the exchange will roll out the Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special) on its fifth birthday. On this occasion, CoinEx encourages users to trade futures and gives back to users by offering them more exclusive benefits. During the Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special), users can sign up for the ranking on the Promotion page and start trading futures in the specified markets. Users whose trading volume reaches the requirement will be able to share the 50,000 USDT prize pool! 

The Futures Trading Volume Ranking is a unique event under CoinEx Tradeboard, which went live in June 2022. Compared with the Spot Trading Volume Ranking, the Futures Trading Volume Ranking is more challenging and entertaining. Through the promotion, users can earn both profits and ranking rewards. Unlike previous rankings, the 5th Celebration Special features more rewards and covers all linear futures markets, making it the most wide-ranging tradeboard with the largest prize pool ever.

The Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special) is a type of futures trading volume ranking on CoinEx. After signing up for the special, users only have to trade futures in the designated markets and join the ranking once their trading volumes reach the standard. After the event, CoinEx will distribute the prizes according to the final ranking. Details of the event are as follows:

I. Duration

4:00, December 24, 2022 - 4:00, January 8, 2023 (UTC)

II. Markets covered

All linear futures markets

III. Eligible users

All CoinEx users (except market makers). Users need to sign up for the event on the Promotion page.

IV. How to sign up for the event

1. Web: Log in to the CoinEx website, click on [Promotion] in the navigation bar, select [Tradeboard], enter the promotion page, and tap [Sign Up Now];

2. APP: Open the CoinEx APP, tap the [Tradeboard] icon on the homepage, enter the promotion page, and tap [Sign Up Now]. 

V. Rewards

During the event, participants with a trading volume of over 5,000 USDT in the designated futures markets can join the ranking and share 50,000 USDT in the prize pool. The prizes will be distributed within 7 working days after the end of the event. 

It should be noted that only users who sign up for the 5th Celebration Special can participate in the Futures Trading Volume Ranking, so you should sign up on the Promotion page first before starting to trade futures. During the event, the ranking will be updated every hour, keeping all participants updated. Moreover, only the top 150 traders whose trading volume meets the requirement can share the prize pool.

The Futures Tradeboard (5th Celebration Special) covers all linear futures markets to meet different trading demands among participants, enabling users to earn the first bucket of gold by making futures profits and winning prizes during CoinEx 5th Celebration. In the coming weeks, the exchange will roll out a series of anniversary events to attract users from multiple channels. Join CoinEx in celebrating this remarkable milestone, and unlock more wealth in this extraordinary December.

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