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Making Investment Easier: CoinEx Launches Auto-Invest Plan to Help Users Earn Profits

2023-03-02 03:35:42

In the crypto market, trading strategies are mostly based on analysis, pre-set plans, or trading behaviors, and they help investors earn profits by buying/selling cryptos in long/short markets. Typical trading strategies include auto investment, spot grid, and futures grid. Normally, every crypto trading strategy requires users to set the relevant parameters, including the investment amounts, fund management rules, and entry/exit points, etc. Mature, effective trading strategies are vital because they can help investors fully tap into market swings and invest in crypto with ease, thus maximizing returns and minimizing losses.


The global crypto exchange CoinEx launched the [Strategic Trading] segment and the [Auto-Invest Plan] function on February 16, 2023, and CoinEx users can now create their trading strategies for automatic investments, making crypto investment easier.



Aiming to make crypto investment easier, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan is a crypto trading strategy that helps users automatically accumulate crypto assets via pre-set investment and recurring cycles. The most prominent feature of the new function is that users can easily choose the right trading strategy and earn profits by making regular crypto investments with predefined amounts and cycles, without having to worry about the specific timing.


In a nutshell, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan features the following advantages:


1. Accumulate and grow assets regularly

No need to raise large sums of money; you use the idle assets to buy cryptos via Auto-Invest Plan, and accumulate a considerable amount of wealth by making regular and fixed investments.


2. Diversify investment portfolios and spread risk 

The key to a successful investment is to "buy low and sell high", that is, to grasp the best buying and selling timing and make profits out of it. With Auto-Invest Plan, the assets are invested in various stages with different costs, and these small but frequent purchases can help lower your average cost and spread risk.


3. Carefree of investment timing

For long-term investments, the Auto-Invest Plan can reduce costs and spread risk: You don’t need to analyze the entry point, calculate the buying price, or adjust long-term investment decisions for short-term market fluctuations.


4. Automatic deduction, simple and convenient

After the Auto-Invest Plan is created, the system will automatically deduct the investment cost from your Spot account and submit an order, according to your pre-set investment amount and cycle. No more operation is required, making investment easier.


So how to create an Auto-Invest Plan?


Step 1: Log in to CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com/), click [Strategic Trading] under [Finance] at the top navigation;

Step 2: On the strategic trading page, go to [Auto-Invest Plan], and click [Create Strategy];

Step 3: Select the market to create a strategy, set the recurring cycle, repeat time, investment per cycle, and other parameters; then confirm the creation to successfully create an Auto-Invest Plan.


For users, it should be noted that the Auto-Invest Plan draws funds from the Spot account, which must contain sufficient balance. Moreover, the minimum amount of the Auto-Invest Plan is set at 1 USDT, and the maximum amount differs from crypto to crypto (refer to the specific webpage for the exact figure). In addition, the transaction result of the Auto-Invest Plan depends on the market depth; during the investment process, CoinEx only charges the trading fee for the executed transaction at the spot rate, without any additional fees.


CoinEx allows users to create multiple trading strategies, including the Auto-Invest Plan and spot grid, to provide more users with versatile investment strategies, but each CoinEx user can only create up to 20 effective (including suspended) strategies. It is noteworthy that the Auto-Invest Plan is a long-term investment strategy, and it cannot be used to hedge against potential risks. Therefore, when running the Auto-Invest Plan, users should make plans in advance to account for the risks. Apart from that, according to CoinEx’s official announcement, it will roll out spot grid and futures grid functions to engage its users in quant trading.

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