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CoinEx Tutorial: Make Easy Crypto Investments via CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan

2023-03-02 03:40:45

Aiming to make crypto investment easier, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan is a crypto trading strategy that helps users automatically accumulate cryptos via pre-set investment and recurring cycles. The most prominent feature of the new function is that users can easily choose the right trading strategy and earn profits by making regular crypto investments with predefined amounts and cycles, without having to worry about the specific timing. 

 With CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan, users get to choose between Regular Investment and Average Investment. Today, we will dive into this new feature, which is now available in the Strategic Trading segment, and teach you how to make easy crypto investments via CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan. 

I. Select [Auto-Invest Plan] on the [Strategic Trading] webpage

1. Visit CoinEx’s official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Strategic Trading] under [Finance] in the top navigation bar.

2. Find [Auto-Invest Plan]on the [Strategy Trading] webpage, and click on [Create Strategy].

II. Create an Auto-Invest Plan

1. Select the market, and set the [Recurring Cycle], [Repeats on local time], [Investment per Cycle], and other parameters to create a strategy. An Auto-Invest Plan will be created upon clicking [Create]-[Confirm].

It should be noted that if you are creating a strategy for the first time, please read and agree to the risk reminder first. In addition, the minimum amount for each cycle of auto investment is 1 USDT, and the maximum limit varies depending on each market. Please refer to the Auto-Invest page for details.

2. Once created, the Auto-Invest Plan will be run according to the pre-set parameters.

Note: Affected by market depth, each cycle of the auto investment may not be fully executed (e.g., only 8 USDT of a 10 USDT cycle is executed). Users will be notified of the Auto-Invest result via in-site messages and Email.

III. View More Info

1. Click on [Details] on the [My Strategy] page to check out more information about the strategy created.

2. On the [Details] page, in addition to detailed strategy information, you may also select [End Strategy], [Invest Now], [Suspend Strategy], and [Edit Parameters]. In particular, if [Invest Now] is selected, the system will immediately execute one cycle of investment according to the set amount, and your Auto-Invest Plan will not be affected.

For users, it should be noted that the Auto-Invest Plan draws funds from the Spot account, which must contain sufficient balance. If your spot balance is insufficient, the Auto-Invest Plan will not be executed for the cycle, and you will be notified to add more assets via in-site messages and Email. At this time, the overall strategy and the execution of the next cycle are not affected. If the Auto-Invest strategy fails for 5 consecutive cycles due to insufficient balance, the system will suspend the strategy, and you will need to restart the strategy manually.

Join CoinEx to make investments effortlessly by creating an Auto-Invest Plan in three simple steps! If you are already planning to make regular crypto investments, come to CoinEx and earn easy profits with Auto-Invest Plan.

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