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What Is NFT Worlds and How to Buy WRLD Tokens?

2023-07-17 08:04:58

NFT Worlds is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform that enables users to build and own their virtual worlds. As a result, users can create, buy and sell digital assets such as 3D art, metaverse games, and virtual real estate. WRLD Tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the NFT Worlds platform, used for in-game purchases and to access certain features. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of WRLD Tokens, including what they are, their utility, their tokenomics, price predictions, and where to buy them.

What Is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is an innovative, completely decentralized, highly customizable, community-driven gaming platform. In NFT Worlds, world owners have the potential to create infinite, immersive games and experiences solely for players or exclusive communities within their worlds.

What is NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is built upon Minecraft's powerful, open-source system; the platform takes advantage of decades of development within the Minecraft community and further enhances it to introduce a new type of 3D, decentralized gaming metaverses powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT Worlds provides an easy access point for any project or community seeking to create a flexible play-to-earn metaverse. Their comprehensive solution has solved the complex challenges of building an expansive multiplayer metaverse and games, incorporating blockchain-based transaction systems, and authenticating NFT ownership for access to content.

The NFT Worlds development team is dedicated to providing an open platform and encourages contributions from the open-source ecosystem. They envision a vast, decentralized, multiplayer game scape comprising multiple interconnected worlds. 

Players can teleport between their favorite worlds with ease through in-game portals. Every world will offer players a unique gaming experience, from competitions to win rewards to social gathering spots. NFT Worlds promises to be an unforgettable experience!

What Is the WRLD Token?

The WRLD token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. WRLD token is NFT Worlds' in-game native currency; it operates on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Players earn and use it, creating an interconnected economic system of games and experiences.

The Polygon bridge provides interoperability by allowing users to bridge WRLD tokens between Ethereum and Polygon, enabling platform flexibility.

WRLD tokens can be bought in the NFT Worlds game by first joining the NFT Worlds game. Once the game has been joined, the user can buy WRLD tokens from the in-game shop. 

The user must use Ethereum (ETH) to purchase the tokens. The user can buy ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to the game’s wallet. After moving the ETH, the user can accept the desired WRLD tokens in the game’s shop.

WRLD Token Utilities

  1. Primary Medium of Exchange in NFT Worlds: As the primary form of currency within the NFT Worlds, WRLD tokens are needed for users to access the vast range of content, rewards, and competitions within the virtual environment. World owners are responsible for creating these unique experiences and require users to pay in WRLD tokens for access.
  2. Play-To-Earn: Players of NFT Worlds can gain WRLD tokens by playing games within their chosen world. As an incentive, world owners may provide competitions, free-to-play games and other rewards that benefit from obtaining WRLD tokens.
  3. Future Uses: The WRLD token is used within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. It is integrated into applicable future use cases for the platform to benefit the community and ecosystem.

NFT WRLD Tokenomics

NFT Worlds has crafted a proposal for WRLD token distribution to provide heavy incentives for players, giving the NFT Worlds team access to WRLD for running promotional activities and competitions, an initial distribution of WRLD to world owners and staking which allows world owners to earn WRLD over time to access world-owner specific features.

WRLD Token Supply Allocations

WRLD Token Supply Allocations

LP-WRLD Staking & Yields

Staking LP-WRLD tokens enable users to provide liquidity to a WRLD/ETH liquidity pool. Liquidity providers are rewarded with LP-WRLD tokens proportionate to the liquidity they provide. These LP-WRLD tokens can be used to withdraw liquidity. 

Furthermore, staking LP-WRLD tokens locks up their liquidity for a chosen period, entitling them to LP Fees as well as periodic distributions of 500,000,000 WRLD tokens over four years to balance out impermanent loss risk.

P2E Faucet

The P2E (Play-to-Earn) Faucet supports world owners in providing in-game rewards in the form of WRLD tokens to their players without needing them to supply them. This allows world owners to create engaging games that retain players, with the P2E Faucet subsidizing the rewards given to players.

WRLD Token Statistics (March 2023)

WRLD Token Statistics

WRLD Token Value

The price of NFT WRLD Token has been on the rise since its launch in 2021. There are a lot of factors that can influence the price of the token. 

These include market demand, trading volume, and speculation. A lot of gamers have realized the potential of NFT gaming and Metaverse as investments and a means to monetize their efforts. This has brought massive adoption of Play-to-Earn gaming in the last few years.

Additionally, WRLD trading volume has increased as more investors are buying and selling the token. Lastly, speculation has been a major driver of the token's price as investors are betting on the future of the NFT market. 

Overall, the market sentiment towards NFT WRLD Token is positive. The token has seen tremendous growth since its launch and more investors are recognizing its potential. Analysts predict that the token’s price will continue to rise in the future as the NFT market grows.

How to Buy NFT WRLD Tokens?

If you're looking to buy WRLD tokens, there are a few options available to you. You can purchase WRLD tokens from a variety of centralized exchanges, including CoinEx, MEXC, and decentralized exchanges like Quickswap and Uniswap. 

CoinEx is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of digital assets and has a secure and user-friendly platform. It also provides users with access to a wide range of trading pairs and features such as margin trading and limit orders. It is recommended to buy and trade WRLD tokens on the exchange. 

When purchasing WRLD tokens, it's important to remember that each exchange has its own set of fees, which can vary significantly. You should also be aware of the trading pairs available, as each exchange will offer different options. 

Additionally, you should consider the security measures that each platform has in place to ensure your funds are safe and secure. When buying WRLD tokens, it's also important to be aware of the current market conditions. Make sure to keep an eye on the latest news and developments regarding the WRLD platform, as well as the current market prices. This will help you make the best decision when purchasing WRLD tokens.

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