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Company Update

Metaverse Exclusive Development Fund

2021-09-30 09:48:38

The year 2021 has witnessed new development opportunities for the crypto industry as application concepts represented by NFT and DeFi go viral one after another. The industry has embraced a new stage of development and switched the focus from concepts to applications. Meanwhile, NFT, DeFi, and other crypto applications have brought the metaverse into the spotlight and even aroused industry-wide interest.

As the industry's first-class ecosystem application, CoinEx Smart Chain (hereinafter referred to as CSC) keeps close track of the concept of "metaverse", and has started its strategic layout around the post-crypto market.

The Global Hackathon Grants and Metaverse Exclusive Development Fund as part of CSC’s comprehensive efforts

As the leader of the super public chains, CSC focuses on both the technology and the concept and creates ecosystem synergy through an overall layout.

To catalyze the industry progress and spot promising projects, CSC joins hands with ViaBTC Capital to host the Global Hackathon Grants. With multiple incentives of considerable prizes and supporting resources, this event will surely add new vitality into the market, inspire blockchain geeks to innovate, and thus bring along a new generation of “technical innovation” in this field.

Besides, CSC has set up the Metaverse Exclusive Development Fund. As a digital virtual ecosystem, the metaverse will create a unique “Play-to-Earn” business model, link the physical world to the virtual one, and make for a positive business cycle inside. In the metaverse, players can not only work, study, and have fun, but also earn instant benefits.

CSC is confident in the metaverse, and has established the Metaverse Exclusive Development Funds with $5 million to explore cutting-edge technologies in this brand new field. This Foundation is to drive progress in the metaverse technology by decentralized means, make the metaverse market prosper, and accelerate exploration in the metaverse ecosystem. With support in both resources and capital, it will fill the ecosystem gap in the field.

The Metaverse Exclusive Development Fund will exert a profound impact on both the layout of the CSC ecosystem and the development of the crypto industry.

Apply for the Metaverse Exclusive Development Funds here:

CSC joins the race: what makes the metaverse so appealing?

The term metaverse, which first appeared in Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash, depicts a highly realistic virtual world built on the Internet. 

Different from other crypto applications, the metaverse proposes a possibility that as the overall infrastructure of the crypto industry develops to a certain level, the on-chain world and the world outside the chain will be organically integrated, that is, the real-life will be synchronized to the digital world. Everyone in the real world can have a “third life” in the crypto world where he or she can socialize, have fun, study, work, and even live life. The “grand blueprint” of the metaverse presents the public with the “utopia” that the crypto industry has long advocated.

The future metaverse will be a fair, open, and autonomous interaction platform. Under the DAO philosophy, everyone will work together to create a beautiful ecosystem and vote for the development of the world. Moreover, its decentralization feature sets a bridge across time and space and brings global users together in a “third world”.

The emergence of the metaverse possibly comes as proof that civilization is iterated in a string of codes.

Positive about such a virtual world, CSC enters the market.

In terms of products, CSC believes that the metaverse will promote the application of the CSC ecosystem and create a “parallel space” to “map” the off-chain environment onto the chain, thereby integrating the digital world with the real one. That is not only the ultimate goal of the public chain ecosystem but also the final destination of many Internet giants such as NVIDIA and Facebook.

In terms of experience, thanks to the continuous progress of technology, VR and AR have become fully-fledged. Users in the future will value not only the application experience but also the sensory experience of AR. The market segment of the metaverse combines the universal proof of hyperlink, the hyperspace transmission protocol, and the hypersensory perception (HSP) interface, delivering a brand new and real-world perception. This innovation will offer users a “real” virtual experience, which will, in turn, give rise to many business applications that reshape user awareness.

Be it for the product or the user experience, the metaverse functions as a platform for carrying out virtual activities with credible asset value and identity authentication. It replicates the underlying logic of the real world and essentially aims to exert a subtle influence on users’ lifestyles through all the virtual activities it carries. That explains why CSC takes the lead in this field. CSC is expected to discover more disruptive products in the new round of “metaverse revolution”.


Amid this trend, CSC supports excellent projects with capital, resources and technology, and this clever move will greatly accelerate the metaverse progress. Driven by such effort, there is likely to be a “leading application” of the metaverse that can fill the market gap. 

Indeed, the metaverse has injected new vitality into the entire crypto industry. Underpinned by various encryption features, the metaverse has also brought along more creative gameplay and golden opportunities in DeFi and NFT fields that haven’t seen any innovations for long. We have every reason to believe that CSC along with other giants will make significant changes to this technology, and the metaverse that carries infinite imagination will show us a “digital world” we’ve never seen.

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