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Company Update

ViaBTC Capital: Investments in a New Crypto Cycle

2021-10-09 01:57:41

In the past two years, shifting the focus from stories to users and products, valuation models in the blockchain sector have witnessed great changes. Moreover, the 2021 boom of DeFi and NFT has brought more innovation and momentum to the blockchain community. In light of all these favorable factors, ViaBTC Capital was established with perfect timing: everything seems right. 

Product innovations drive market growth

In the development of blockchain, developers are always the key. Creating more DeFi products and NFT products, developers play vital roles as they perfect the associated facilities of the blockchain ecosystem.

To achieve its mission of pooling outstanding blockchain developer teams, ViaBTC Capital is committed to empowering the high-speed growth of the blockchain community through investments, market promotions, etc. Backed by a team consisting of crypto veterans from ViaBTC Group, ViaBTC Capital has made investments in fields such as Web3.0 infrastructure, Layer2, and DApp. More specifically, it has invested in Qredo, LunarCRUSH, Pianity, Nabox, etc.

Future growth with higher capital efficiency

At the current stage, decentralized products often come with sound capital efficiency, as they can record exponential growth once the products or solutions gain market recognition. This is the market opportunity that ViaBTC Capital chooses Qredo. As a decentralized digital asset management platform, Qredo is restructuring digital asset ownership and blockchain connectivity. The platform has pioneered the first decentralized trustless multi-party computation (MPC) custodial network. This advancement enables Qredo to offer decentralized custody, native cross-chain swaps, and cross-platform liquidity access. ViaBTC Capital believes that there will be a huge demand for custody as the crypto market grows larger, and its investment in Qredo highlights the platform’s potential to draw more funds into the market. 


As we all know, recently, NFT has made waves in the art community. Following this, the market has seen an NFT music boom. According to data collected by Water & Music, NFT music recorded a profit of nearly $22 million in February alone. With its investment of the NFT music platform Pianity, ViaBTC Capital has been keen to seize this opportunity. On Pianity, artists and fans are brought together to create, collect, and trade unique digital artworks. The platform offers artists a new way to express art and connect with fans, thereby bringing vitality and innovation to the music sector. In addition, relying on the disruptive innovation of Arweave, Pianity supports the permanent storage of audio & visual assets. In light of the increasingly larger NFT music market, NFTs will bring disruption to musicians and the music community as they offer musicians more control and discretion. Furthermore, NFTs also represent a new source of income for musicians, which is particularly important in a world still plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the increasingly significant impact on token prices of social network trends, it is almost impossible for individuals to keep track of all related social media. LunarCRUSH came in response to this dilemma. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data from dozens of sources to discover valuable insights and help users make well-informed and data-driven trading decisions. ViaBTC Capital believes that LunarCRUSH, a blockchain-based social media metrics aggregator, meets the market demand as it empowers better assessment of market sentiment and trends by collecting and analyzing massive social data. 

Unique investment strategies with great visions

In respect of the investment strategy, ViaBTC Capital favors projects associated with Web3.0 infrastructure, Layer2, and DApp. The team also emphasizes the visions, openness, and technical capacity of the projects. Outstanding visions fuel first-class innovations and solutions. ViaBTC Capital will review and evaluate the scenario-specific facilities built by the project team. At the same time, the team will also search for more trending projects, such as Metaverse projects, GameFi projects, etc. Driven by trending opportunities, such projects may spring up like mushrooms. By then, the market will struggle to identify promising projects, and the team’s insight and expertise as an institutional investor will also be tested. ViaBTC Capital will continue to be part of the crypto market expansion as a dedicated institutional investor.

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