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CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Hackathon Grants is Coming, a Geek Challenge You Cannot Miss

2021-10-12 10:12:44

As the blockchain market rebounds in the latter half of 2021, plenty of new projects are popping up, and investors have been drawn to Metaverse, GameFi, NFT, etc. The market expectation for the next bull is on the rise. Many project teams are considering how to seize this great opportunity and impress the market with their projects. Though technical considerations are critical, in most cases, an opportunity for increased exposure and support is more important for project teams. To offer elite teams a chance to showcase their promising projects and to help them build and launch their blockchain applications, ViaBTC Capital and CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) announced the CSC Global Hackathon Grants.

Advantages of CSC


Created by CoinEx, CSC is a high-performing public chain with a TPS between 4,000 and 10,000 . CSC fully supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and features low fees, fast confirmation, and decentralization. Moreover, the source code of mature DApps on blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, and Heco can be seamlessly deployed on CSC, which draws more users into the CSC ecosystem and links it with other ecosystems.

Right now, CSC is equipped with a full set of functions, including the mainnet, testnet, block explorer, CSC faucet, API interface, and development documentation. Meanwhile, CSC has also set up a $10 million seed fund to empower more developers to build applications on CSC.

CoinEx Smart Chain Global Hackathon Grants is a global event open to all developers around the world. They can apply at https://hackerlink.io/grant/CSC/1, and build projects on CSC for substantial prizes.


What will the Grants offer developers?


DApp development teams can migrate their applications onto CSC with little cost and enjoy a wide range of additional benefits, including:

1. CSC’s large user base

Most users of CSC also use CoinEx, a reputable exchange with plenty of active users. Therefore, for DApp project teams, deployment on CSC is also the best way to get more recognition.

2. Substantial prizes and promotion opportunities

The prize pool of the CSC Hackathon Grants totaled up to $300,000. To be more specific, $100,000 will be distributed to participating teams, and the rest $200,000 will be granted by hackathon judges to project teams winning the most votes. Furthermore, teams may also receive investments from ViaBTC Capital. To create an enabling growth environment for project teams, apart from cash prizes, the event also features promotions such as AMA and Twitter events.

3. The seed fund of the CSC Foundation

In addition to the CSC Global Hackathon Grants, all participating project teams can also apply for CSC’s $10 million support program at the official CSC website to get seed funds from the CSC Foundation. As the support program is not yet associated with the Grants, all teams, not just the participants of the Grants, can also apply for it as long as their applications are developed on CSC. 

Click to apply: https://www.coinex.org/million_dollar_plan 

4. Great chances of self-promotion in front of a star-studded jury

Another highlight of the Grants is a star-studded jury that consists of many big names in the industry, including ViaBTC’s founder Haipo Yang, Bitcoin.com’s founder Roger Ver, CEO of PeckShield Xuxian Jiang, CEO of TokenInsight Wayne, ArkStream’s Warren Fang, Happy Block’s Kenny, EverFinance’s founder Wei Xiong, Chief Business Development Officer of 1inch Nikita Ovchinnik, Kyle Nguyen of TK VENTURES, Foresight Ventures’ partner Forest Bai, and head of ViaBTC Capital Bonnie.

Apart from the halo effect, these crypto tycoons also bring investment and support to strong performers. The Grants is not just a contest, but also a chance for developers to showcase their projects. In this regard, the Grants is a great opportunity for participating teams.


Benefits to investors of the Grants


On the one hand, the Grants is a chance for developers to showcase their projects; on the other hand, it presents golden opportunities for investors.

For example, from January to September, Solana hosted/co-hosted three hackathons. During the period, Solana’s token price soared to triple digits from just a few dollars, drawing droves of investors. It is thus clear that hackathons are a shortcut for a public chain to attract developers and build its ecosystem.

Looking at the public chains of exchanges such as BSC and Heco, we can tell that when a public chain hosts a hackathon, its ecosystem will witness a boom and its token price will also surge. The CSC Global Hackathon Grants will last longer till December 13, with well-known judges from the crypto community. Moreover, the organizers have reserved plenty of time for participants to hone their projects. In the meantime, the Grants will make initial investments and offer growth incentives. By the end of the event, CSC is expected to hit a growth spurt, just like BSC and Solana.

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