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CoinEx Improves Futures Trading Services for Global Users with Easy and Convenient Operations

2023-06-21 03:12:16

In 2022, CoinEx upgraded its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier”, aiming to provide users with easy-to-use products and convenient trading processes to break free from conventional financial shackles and make crypto trading more accessible. To that end, while perfecting and upgrading its futures products, the exchange strives to make it easier for users to trade futures and offer more investor-friendly futures trading services, thereby helping more crypto beginners worldwide start trading futures with ease.

CoinEx Futures now offers four sections: Futures Overview, Futures Markets, Contract Data, and Futures Market Info. In particular, Futures Overview gives users a convenient window on futures trading, the Futures Markets section allows users to directly access the trading interface, Contract Data keeps users updated on market trends, and Contract Market Info offers quick access to additional market conditions.

Now, we will introduce these four sections in more details.

Futures Overview: Instant Insights into CoinEx Futures

In the Futures Overview section, users can clearly see the number of futures markets available on CoinEx, the total futures trading volume, and the value of their open positions. Users can also view the latest futures prices and explore the referral commission program, where they can earn up to 40% of trading fees as referral rewards by inviting friends to trade on CoinEx. Also, the section provides Trading Tutorials to introduce users to the trading process and functionalities of CoinEx Futures. 

CoinEx currently supports 120+ linear and inverse contract markets, offering a variety of trading pairs for users to choose from.

CoinEx Futures
CoinEx Trading Tutorials

Futures Markets: Trade Futures with Ease and Convenience

CoinEx provides a simple, straightforward webpage for futures trading. On CoinEx, the Futures page offers a clear picture of the market conditions and existing orders, helping users start trading futures right away. Moreover, when trading futures on CoinEx (Web & App), users can start a position at any moment, check the real-time PNL of their current position, and close positions with one click, enjoying easy operations.

It’s noteworthy that CoinEx Futures provides all-inclusive, easy-to-use functions like TP & SL, Close All, and Futures Calculator, helping users manage their positions with greater ease. In addition, CoinEx also introduced multiple futures mechanisms such as Auto-deleveraging (ADL), the Insurance Fund, and the Funding Fee so that users can easily manage positions and control risks. 

On CoinEx, the Futures Index Price, which features a built-in exception-processing logic, is determined by the average spot price recorded by multiple trading platforms. This makes sure that the Index Price will only fluctuate within a normal range when the price provided by a single platform becomes significantly volatile, which enables users to trade futures with fewer worries. CoinEx also uses a unique price mechanism called the Mark Price, which is determined according to the futures price on mainstream exchanges, to protect users from abnormal market fluctuations.

Futures Markets on CoinEx

Contract Data: Quickly Analyze Market Trends

Contract Data offers insightful figures that help users study the market environment and improve their trading strategies. As users check and tap into Contract Data on CoinEx, they get to feel the changing market trend and determine the right trading direction via data analysis, which helps them profit from the next deal. In addition, the contract data offered by CoinEx are not limited to futures markets and also apply to spot trading.

Right now, Contract Data covers Open Interest & Trading Volume, Taker Buy/Sell Volume, Long/Short Ratio (Account), and Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Account). By studying the Open Interest & Trading Volume, investors can perceive the liquidation and closing volume in a futures market; the Taker Buy/Sell Volume helps users capture the market sentiment (bearish or bullish). In addition, investors can also tell the market inclination of retail traders and top traders via the Long/Short Ratio (Account). Lastly, the Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Account) shows the tendency of top traders, which can be relied upon by retail traders.

Contract Data on CoinEx

Futures Market Info: Clear and Detailed Futures Information

In Futures Market Info, CoinEx users can view specific futures information such as the Insurance Fund, liquidation information, index prices, and funding rate. In this section, users can also click on a futures product to check out the relevant details such as leverage, value per contract, minimum order amount, minimum price change, and time of funding rate.

Futures Market Info

Furthermore, CoinEx also provides users with clear information on their BTC position level, so users can tell the maintenance margin rate, minimum initial margin rate, and maximum leverage at a glance.

BTC Position Level

CoinEx will keep improving its futures products and services to provide users with diverse market choices and easier trading experiences. We also welcome more users around the world to start their first future trade on our platform, where everyone can enjoy pleasant crypto investment experiences in futures markets and capture more crypto wealth together with CoinEx.

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