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Educational Charity in Summer: CoinEx Charity Supports Impoverished Students in Thailand

2023-06-25 06:43:02

On June 14, the CoinEx Charity team visited Wat Chai Chimphyli School in Thailand, bringing fans, painting stationery, and other learning supplies. They also provided grants for 30 poor students in the local community to help them continue their education.

CoinEx Charity team visited Wat Chai Chimphyli School in Thailand

Photo taken at a Thai school

Wat Chai Chimphyli School was established in 1932. Many of its students come from low-income families and lack parental care. The school not only cultivates students’ moral character but also teaches them basic life skills. Promoting self-sufficiency in education and life management is another focus, aiming to foster independence among its students. 

Recently, the global “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative of CoinEx Charity has arrived at its third destination in Thailand. This event aims to provide necessary learning supplies and grants to alleviate the financial difficulties facing underprivileged students at Wat Chai Chimphyli School and thus improve their learning environment. Especially during the hot summer season, Thai students encounter even greater challenges in their studies. The fans provided by CoinEx Charity help to keep the classrooms cool, creating a comfortable environment for the children. The charity event was warmly received by the local students and teachers, and has also won high recognition from various sectors of society.

CoinEx Charity provides supplies to school in Thailand

Photo taken at a Thai school

It is worth mentioning that the global “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative holds social significance in poverty alleviation and educational welfare. As a developing country in Southeast Asia, Thailand faces various challenges in terms of living conditions and education for many families and students. By offering grants, learning supplies, and fans to underprivileged students, CoinEx not only addresses their daily needs but also showcases the philanthropic spirit that knows no borders. The event is expected to exert a positive effect on the future of these students and spread more positive energy.

CoinEx Charity offering grants

Photo taken at a Thai school

CoinEx Charity launched its global “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative this May, which targets underprivileged students and orphans. The campaign aims to provide improved learning opportunities and living resources for more underprivileged students around the world. Since last year, CoinEx Charity has successfully organized a series of educational charity, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief activities in more than 20 countries, including Türkiye, Syria, Bangladesh, India, Venezuela, and Brazil. This year, the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative has been implemented in Vietnam, Nigeria, and Thailand, enabling numerous underprivileged students to pursue their education. These efforts have been highly recognized and widely supported by local communities.

In Vietnam, CoinEx Charity has joined hands with local charitable organizations to support the children at Bo De Pagoda Orphanage via the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative. They provided grants, stationery, and other daily necessities to help the children continue their education. In Nigeria, the CoinEx Charity team visited Margaret Ekpo High School, a school located in a remote area far from the city center. Recognizing the challenges faced by underprivileged students who lack access to quality education, CoinEx Charity extended a helping hand and brought hope to these students. Besides offering grants, books, and stationery, the team also organized charity activities to spend an unforgettable day together with these students.

Having offered essential assistance to underprivileged students worldwide, the global “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative of CoinEx Charity has made a significant impact. Through charitable donations, CoinEx Charity has also honored its social responsibility. As an international charity organization, it will remain committed to engaging in various charitable activities and offering assistance and support to vulnerable groups worldwide, spreading love and hope to those in need.

CoinEx Charity aims to convey love and warmth through the global “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” initiative. We also call on more charitable organizations and compassionate individuals to join us in supporting the education of children in impoverished areas. CoinEx Charity encourages broader participation in educational charity initiatives, as together we can make a difference and contribute to the advancement of educational charity.

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