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Company Update

ViaBTC Capital Brand Conference: The Future Has Come: An Investment Boom in New Blockchain Segments

2021-10-18 09:45:32

In 2021, the crypto market has become significantly more developed. For outstanding blockchain networks and protocols, the value narrative and project fundamentals will play a greater role. As massive funds are brought into the blockchain sector, 2021 has witnessed more blockchain investments than ever before, which is a clear sign of a blockchain investment boom.

On October 23, ViaBTC Group will introduce a new investment brand: ViaBTC Capital, which marks its entrance to the trending segment of blockchain investment. The new subsidiary will focus on Web 3.0 and Layer 2 projects as well as DApps that feature DeFi, NFT, or DAO elements. On October 23, ViaBTC Capital will host a conference through its official Twitter @ViaBTC Capital. Apart from the release of limited brand NFTs, the event has also invited the executives of the top blockchain investment institutions for in-depth dialogue, like IOSG Ventures、Shima Capital、Blofin、WOO Network、ArkStream Capital、ViaBTC. The big-name guests will discuss the topic “The Future Has Come: Institutional Insights into Investment Trends and Opportunities ”. 

Round-table discussions

The event has gathered industry experts to explore new opportunities for extensive investments: 

  • What are the primary investment targets in today’s crypto market?
  • In the upcoming Web 3.0 wave, what market segments still promise huge growth?
  • In the future, will public chain ecosystems see the boom of multiple projects, or will they be dominated by a single project?
  • As the overall valuation of the crypto market grows, the sector has become more specialized. In such a background, how can investment institutions improve their expertise and expand their influence around the world?
  • ........

This event aims to bring an intensive analysis of the future development trends regarding the blockchain segments, with market insights by experts from professional investment institutions. The more specific content will be available on ViaBTC Capital’s official Twitter @ViaBTC Capital on October 23.

The significance of ViaBTC Capital’s blockchain investments

In the crypto community, investment institutions are nothing new. Although many influential blockchain teams have more or less invested in projects, they have adopted different approaches and styles of investment. Most of the investment institutions mainly provide funding and remain inactive until the team launches the project and releases the application. Such institutions make few contributions to the development and marketing of projects. Plus, they cannot offer any resource support. This approach is only concerned with the investment of funds.

However, for project teams, funding is only a secondary concern. During the process from project inception to growth and market promotion, the support of resources outweighs funding. Apart from technologies, crypto resources also include marketing and promotion, which are critical to the development of a project. The strength of a project is often determined by the number of available resources rather than the size of funding. There are plenty of cases where projects with limited funding have achieved rapid growth. We have learned from such projects that resource support is the primary concern for projects, as opposed to funding.

Focusing on operations in global markets, ViaBTC has made huge investments in terms of funding and technical support on a global scale, which reflects its prophetic vision. Thanks to its five-year operation experience and the fast growth of the subsidiaries in its ecosystem, the group has built a large pool of rich crypto resources and a strong capacity in marketing, operation, promotion, and technology.

Although ViaBTC Group had made blockchain investments before the inception of ViaBTC Capital, it lacked a well-established and specialized investment team. Therefore, it was essential for the group to build up a strong investment branch before the arrival of the next disruptive opportunity in the blockchain space, such as Web3.0 and Metaverse. This demand triggered the appearance of ViaBTC Capital. From the perspective of the group’s strategy for branding and investment, the launch of this new investment brand is part of ViaBTC’s commitment to empowering blockchain development and its original goal of continued blockchain pursuits. To achieve the synergy of blockchain infrastructures and find real-world applications of blockchain technologies and concepts, ViaBTC Capital will continue to focus on and invest in Web3.0 and Layer 2 projects as well as DeFi, NFT, and DAO applications.

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