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Ongoing Crypto Gold Fever: An Introduction to the Value Capturing Strategy of ViaBTC Capital

2021-10-19 10:46:03

Although investments in the right direction are the key to growing wealth, most individuals or institutions in the financial market lack a systematic investment strategy, which is particularly true for investors in the trending crypto market. Despite all the profits, the volatile market conditions have deterred many individuals and institutions with no clear investment strategies.

In the face of an opportunity that comes with both profits and challenges, ViaBTC Capital, a rising star in finance and investment, has started a “gold fever” in the crypto space. 

Gathering momentum as a newcomer: the value capturing strategy of ViaBTC Capital

Combining services such as funding, resource support, and post-investment assistance, ViaBTC Capital is an ecosystem-based investment platform recently created by ViaBTC Group. On October 23, this new investment institution will host an online conference on the official Twitter @ViaBTC Capital, which will include many crypto big shots. Moreover, the audience of the event will have a chance to receive limited brand NFTs. As a rising star in investment, ViaBTC Capital differs from other finance & investment institutions. Focusing on blockchain investment, it is pursuing growth in all market segments. ViaBTC Capital aims to speed up the development of the blockchain industry by gathering the relevant technologies, talents, projects, and capital across the globe.

Standing at the forefront of crypto developments, ViaBTC Capital has adopted a clearly defined investment strategy, with a focus on innovative concepts such as infrastructure, financial service, DeFi, and NFT as well as the associated investments in public protocols and crypto applications. With an extensive investment plan that covers the entire crypto sector, ViaBTC Capital will surely expand its influence in the crypto community.

Apart from this, ViaBTC Capital has also reached strategic cooperation with institutions like Pantera, IOSG, and Shima Capital. Through such efforts, it seeks to establish the ViaBTC Capital global crypto ecosystem alliance, which will be committed to the provision of services like funding, development consultation, business resources, and marketing promotion for the dark horse projects in the ecosystem.

Concerning crypto ecosystems, ViaBTC Capital has built an extensive partnership that will promote the creation of the innovative “Hardcore Investment Alliance”. In light of the crypto market, ViaBTC Capital advocates a decentralized capital market ecosystem that pools the strength of all members of the crypto community for speeding up the appearance of innovative projects. With regard to crypto applications, as it strives for excellence, ViaBTC Capital has invested in projects that address market pain points and sought to identify potential dark horse applications. 

While building its brand image and creating the ecosystem alliance, backed by its distinctive value-capturing strategy, ViaBTC Capital has brought a new investment philosophy to the whole crypto sector. This institutional investor has presented incredible returns for crypto users in an investment market with fierce competition.

Confronted with intensive peer competition, ViaBTC Capital is creating a new advantage for investment

With a trillion-dollar level market cap, the crypto industry has seen a dazzling array of innovative projects and intense market competition. Amidst all these bustles, a white war has taken place among investors. To obtain higher returns from the big cake of the nearly $3 trillion market cap, VC institutions have tapped into their respective strengths. From short selling to application investments, they have made every effort just to become the top 20% “cake-eaters”.

However, the Leviathan market of the crypto industry offered few rewards for such efforts. Affected by factors such as financial policies, market news, and industry development, the capricious market conditions have hit many VC institutions. Their losses have been primarily associated with investments in mainstream cryptocurrencies. In the last six months, the return on BTC and BCH investments of many institutions has fallen to -3.35% and -39.02%, respectively.

While some institutions have suffered from losses, some have made a profit. In the changing market, ViaBTC Capital has remained committed to its value-capturing strategy. Relying on the abundant crypto resources of ViaBTC Group, it has made extensive investments in all blockchain segments, which has hedged the losses incurred by mainstream investments. At the same time, ViaBTC Capital is also exploring more scenarios for blockchain applications and finding new ways to unlock the growth of value.

Clearly, ViaBTC Capital’s strategy has worked. With wide-ranging investments, the institution has become a rising star in the field of crypto investment. As it tries to build its own brand image, ViaBTC Capital has presented a unique philosophy of value investment and provided a new way to get crypto profits for the whole VC sector, which has been an indirect boost to the blockchain industry.


Committed to its revolutionary mission, ViaBTC Capital is working to build its own brand influence and facilitate changes in the industry. Building an ecosystem alliance in the investment market, it will further improve the crypto infrastructures, make the sector more open, optimize the crypto governance rules, and promote the popularization and implementation of applications in fields such as DeFi and NFT.

As it gains a foothold in the global market and obtains universal brand recognition, ViaBTC Capital will build a leading global value system for crypto investment relying on its international perspective. Meanwhile, the institution will provide diversified services of crypto investment and bring higher returns for users around the world. We can see that ViaBTC Capital is striving to enable rapid growth of the blockchain sector and usher crypto users into a new digital era.

About ViaBTC Capital

An investment platform integrating capital, resources, and post-investment services. We focus on and invest in Web3.0 and Layer 2 projects as well as DeFi, NFT, and DAO applications and etc.

We believe that relying on the rich industry resources of the ViaBTC group and aggregating technologies, talents, projects, and capital in related industries around the world can accelerate the ecosystem development of the entire crypto industry.





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