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CoinEx Charity Supports Education in Venezuela, Empowering Impoverished Schools with Knowledge

2023-07-20 08:19:16

Recently, CoinEx Charity has donated a large number of textbooks and learning supplies to Chirigua Elementary School in Venezuela, creating better learning conditions for local students. This effort demonstrates CoinEx Charity’s social responsibility and support for educational causes, injecting new hope into education development in Venezuela.

With limited educational resources, Venezuela faces significant challenges in its elementary education system, particularly in remote areas. Underprivileged children in these areas lack access to quality education materials, such as textbooks, learning supplies, and an enabling learning environment. Chirigua, an elementary school in Los Ipures, Venezuela, admits underprivileged children in the local community. However, these students from impoverished backgrounds face numerous obstacles in their education journey, including the inability to afford textbooks and a lack of necessary learning supplies, and they have to struggle with harsh learning conditions.

Despite being situated in a disadvantaged rural environment, Chirigua School remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for children in Los Ipures. To better support Chirigua School, CoinEx Charity is determined to extend a helping hand and donate textbooks and learning supplies to impoverished students in the school. Under the guidance of the school’s education department, CoinEx Charity has procured a variety of textbooks and learning supplies aligned with the curriculum. The textbooks covered subjects such as mathematics, science, language, arts, and physical education, and the learning supplies included notebooks, erasers, paints, and markers.

CoinEx Charity Donation in Venezuela

CoinEx Charity at Chirigua School in Venezuela

During the donation ceremony on July 12, the CoinEx Charity team had exchanges with school leaders, teachers, and students, and introduced the background and purpose of the donation in detail. CoinEx Charity provided students with learning materials that would last for an entire year and also donated a batch of learning supplies to the school to support local education development. CoinEx Charity’s generous donation has brought hope and made a difference to Chirigua School in Venezuela.

CoinEx Charity Donates Books to Chirigua School in Venezuela

CoinEx Charity at Chirigua School in Venezuela 

By providing textbooks and learning supplies, CoinEx Charity has created a better learning environment for students, paving the way for their future. During the event, the leaders of Chirigua School expressed gratitude to CoinEx Charity and presented them with a letter of appreciation. The Grant for Fulfilling Dreams program launched by CoinEx Charity has gained recognition from the school’s faculty and students and even received extensive attention and coverage from local media. This charity event not only showcases CoinEx Charity’s sense of social responsibility but also demonstrates its goodwill and contribution. Moreover, such an effort has promoted the fair distribution of educational resources.

A letter of appreciation to CoinEx Charity

A letter of appreciation from Chirigua School in Venezuela

Since its establishment, CoinEx Charity has been committed to promoting global philanthropy through book donations and educational grants to help those in need. To promote education philanthropy, CoinEx Charity launched a global book donation campaign last year, through which it offered many books and educational materials to impoverished schools in more than ten countries worldwide and established charitable libraries. These efforts have paid off as they enriched the book collections of schools and provided students with abundant reading and learning resources, promoting education development across the world. 

This year, the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams program has taken CoinEx Charity to six countries, i.e. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, India, and Venezuela, donating grants to more than 600 underprivileged children and creating an enabling learning environment. In addition, CoinEx Charity also provides local teachers with the necessary teaching tools to facilitate their classes.

Thanks to a series of charitable donations by CoinEx Charity, education is gaining attention in various regions. CoinEx Charity calls for more compassionate individuals to participate in philanthropic activities. Meanwhile, it consistently strengthens cooperation with communities, educational institutions, and charitable organizations to help underprivileged children by means of book donations, educational grants, etc. CoinEx Charity firmly believes that through joint efforts, people can help more children achieve their dreams and bring the benefit of education to every corner of the world. 

Education is a crucial means of transforming lives and the cornerstone of sustainable development. By donating books and providing educational grants, CoinEx Charity contributes its share to the prosperity of global education philanthropy. Moving forward, CoinEx Charity will seize this donation activity as an opportunity to actively engage in more compassionate charitable initiatives, fostering the joint development of global education philanthropy.

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