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Making Extensive Blockchain Investments, ViaBTC Capital to Host Online Brand Conference

2021-10-22 10:11:18

Over recent years, many big investors have sensed great opportunities from the fast progress of blockchain technologies. The tech boom and continued investments have kept the vitality of the industry. Without a doubt, many institutions have started to focus on blockchain investments. Since the beginning of this year, business giants have taken action. Tencent and Alibaba have marched into the field of NFT art, and PayPal now supports crypto payments. In addition, the US-based Bitcoin futures ETF has been launched, and dYdX has challenged centralized crypto exchanges. At one point, the market cap of Ethereum exceeded that of Alibaba. Amidst the market waves, ViaBTC Capital was founded. 

Taking root in the blockchain space and adapting to new technological developments

This August, ViaBTC Group announced the establishment of ViaBTC Capital. Founded in 2016, the group is one of the earliest companies that pursued crypto assets and blockchain technologies.

To adapt to the latest developments of the market, ViaBTC Group decided to launch a major reform, which was the launch of ViaBTC Capital. In recent years, as new blockchain technologies and applications rapidly progressed, the market has been quickly taken over by projects focusing on new technologies such as DeFi and NFT. In many traditional industries, the many new technologies and new projects have brought disruptions and ongoing changes. Following the latest developments, ViaBTC has dived into the research, incubation, collaboration, and investment of blockchain technologies and projects. To ensure its leading edge in the blockchain space, the group has pursued proactive investments in blockchain projects and launched ViaBTC Capital to focus on blockchain investments and planning.

Hosting online conference to create a new investment brand

ViaBTC Capital recently announced that, on October 23, it will hold an online brand conference and officially establish a $50 million VC fund to support emerging projects in areas such as Web3.0, DeFi, NFT, and blockchain games. ViaBTC has also reached strategic cooperation with institutions such as Pantera Capital, IOSG Ventures, and Shima Capital to share industry resources and create a first-class blockchain investment institution.

To date, ViaBTC Capital has invested in blockchain projects that include Qredo, Pianity, LunarCRUSH, and Solster. Most of these projects relate to cross-chain assets, NFT, content socialization, DeFi, and Web3.0. In the future, ViaBTC will also provide more funding and support for start-up projects, with a focus on Web3.0, DeFi, and NFT, and build an all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem. 

Empowering project development through resource advantages

It is clear that most emerging industries are based on the Internet. In the Web2.0 era, users are confronted with many problems, including the abuse of user privacy and the monopoly by tech giants. We have become the resources of Internet giants, who have gradually built a wall that protects themselves against others. In the new and open space of Web3.0, personal data and privacy are protected using blockchain technologies. As we usher into an era of Web3.0, there will no longer be any monopoly, and the focus will be the collaboration between applications. DeFi has disrupted finance, made the circulation of currency more transparent, and minimized the probability of systemic financial risks. NFT has redefined digital copyright and ownership and allowed individuals to showcase the value of their creations. Blockchain games and metaverse have offered effective protection for individual virtual assets. In the future, the notion that “Code is Law” will not just be empty words. The wheels of change have been set in motion, and we can only win the future by seizing the opportunities.

As a brand under a well-established blockchain player, ViaBTC Capital drastically differs from other blockchain investment institutions. Relying on the resources of ViaBTC Group, this new subsidiary provides different resources for start-up teams and speeds up the incubation of blockchain projects. Compared with its peers, ViaBTC Capital has the following advantages:

  1. Expertise in operation: Over the past five years, ViaBTC Group has been providing blockchain services such as a mining pool for users. During this period, the group has built a professional operation team that can offer first-rate services for start-up blockchain projects, allowing them to quickly engage with users and develop a sound reputation.
  2. International marketing service: ViaBTC has built an international team of professionals. The group is powered by communities and ambassadors, as well as over 500,000 fans. Through ViaBTC’s global strength in marketing and promotion, blockchain start-ups can obtain a large user base in an early stage, and speed up the introduction of their project to the market and users, thereby enabling the fast growth of the team.
  3. Support from a strong tech team: ViaBTC Capital boasts a professional team composed of outstanding developers from all over the world. As the team provides protection and support in terms of public chains, DeFi, and code security for blockchain start-ups, it has also developed sound tech solutions. Through cooperation with other tech teams, ViaBTC Capital will offer strong technical support for blockchain start-ups, and ensure the secure and stable operation of projects. 

Conclusion: Follow the latest developments and plan for the future

Against the backdrop of major quantitative easing on a global scale, to find solutions to existing problems, the production relations of all industries should go through a major overhaul. Regarded as the next-generation technological revolution, blockchain technologies are deeply intertwined with industries such as the Internet, finance, big data, and the Internet of Things. As they bring disruptions to every sector, blockchain technologies make us realize that we are rushing into a new era. By pooling technologies, funds, and resources, ViaBTC Capital will incubate and invest in high-quality blockchain projects. It aims to empower the application of technologies and help start-ups achieve fast growth. Through such efforts, this new investment institution will give rise to Web3.0 unicorns, thereby creating a new landscape of development. 

About ViaBTC Capital

Combining services such as funding, resource support, and post-investment assistance, ViaBTC Capital is an ecosystem-based investment platform that focuses on Web 3.0 and Layer 2 projects or DApps for DeFi, NFT, or DAO. We believe that this new subsidiary, relying on the rich industry resources of ViaBTC Group, will speed up the development of the blockchain industry by gathering the relevant technologies, talents, projects, and capital across the globe.

Website: https://capital.viabtc.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViabtcCapital

Medium: https://medium.com/@ViaBTC_Capital

Email: official@capital.viabtc.com

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