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Company Update

A Resounding Success of ViaBTC Capital Online Launch: The Birth of A New Star in the Investment Field!

2021-10-26 10:34:20

ViaBTC Capital's online launch held on the official Twitter @ViaBTC Capital has come to a successful close on October 23, 2021. Witnessed by blockchain enthusiasts across the world on Twitter, ViaBTC Capital made its debut through a brand promotion video. Professionals from investment institutions also joined the launch event, including Ray from IOSG Ventures, Yida from Shima Capital, Matt from Blofin, Ran from WOO Network, Warren from Arkstream Capital, and Haipo Yang from ViaBTC, who shared insights into popular investment segments such as Public Chain ecology and Web 3.0 in an online round-table session.

As an emerging investment brand, ViaBTC Capital boasts unique foresight and inclusiveness. In addition to its commitment to investment and exploration in Web 3.0, Layer 2, and DeFi applications and infrastructures, ViaBTC Capital also goes deep into trending tracks in the blockchain industry such as NFT and GameFi, and thus pins high hopes on early-stage projects in these new tracks.

At the launch event on October 23, ViaBTC Capital officially announced the setup of a special VC fund of $50 million on Twitter, which aims to financially back Web 3.0 and Layer 2 infrastructure projects and DeFi, NFT, and DAO applications, as a gesture to enable the synergy between infrastructures and apply novel concepts. The launch was also highlighted by the release of limited-edition NFTs of ViaBTC Capital as rewards for the event, attracting many to join. Heads of dozens of institutional partners, including Pantera Capital, Shima Capital, TokenInsight, NFTSCAN, IOSG Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Arkstream Capital, 4YF Capital, WOO Network, Solster, Pianity, and Hashkey Capital, also celebrated the brand launch through short videos, adding glory to this event.

Creating an emerging star in the investment circle

“Three capabilities are vital for an investment institution: the first and the foremost is the research ability, followed by the ability of pooling resources and value orientation,” as suggested by the head of the ViaBTC Capital team in the online round-table session of the brand launch. Such a forward-looking insight vividly shows the solid technical capabilities of the team as well as the goal to which it will commit itself in the long run.

Based on the trending tracks in the investment industry, this round-table session also took the perspective of the project team. Despite all the platitude about empowerment, VC still plays a limited role “except providing capital”, which is especially true in the early-stage investment. This year sees a boom in blockchain investment as NFT goes viral beyond the circle. Project teams find it hard to outshine others amid such fierce competition, and it will never work if investment institutions have nothing but money. The network of connections built on investors’ advantages in the industry matters too. Investment is no longer a unilateral decision, but a choice of both parties. To a project team, finding an investor equals picking a long-term partner. That is exactly the message ViaBTC Capital tries to convey: it will work and grow with project teams as its long-term partner. 

Redefining the value creation of investment institutions in the blockchain industry

Investments not only push forward the project progress but also guard the original intention of the founding team or even breed great success. Besides covering the investment objects, top VCs always “seize the initiative in investment”.

The era of rapid returns has gone, and the VC circle has been evolving from extensive investment to refined investment. Against such a backdrop, it is of vital significance for ViaBTC Capital to be down-to-earth. ViaBTC Capital is now building a pioneering force of specialized investment, which aims to focus on blockchain market segments and spot promising unicorn projects. It will make investments more efficient, instead of spreading itself too thinly across all tracks.

The digital economy represents the future where the blockchain serves as the technology to empower entities. Today's business ecosystem has shifted from a traditional model to a digital one. As an emerging and huge potential investment market, the cryptocurrency industry deserves more attention. Rising to the trend of the times and relying on its professional investment philosophy and distinctive investment strategies, ViaBTC Capital will surely become an influential VC in the future.

About ViaBTC Capital

Combining services such as funding, resource support, and post-investment assistance, ViaBTC Capital is an ecosystem-based investment platform that focuses on Web 3.0 and Layer 2 projects or DApps for DeFi, NFT, or DAO. We believe that this new subsidiary, relying on the rich industry resources of ViaBTC Group, will speed up the development of the blockchain industry by gathering relevant technologies, talents, projects, and capital across the globe. 

Website: https://capital.viabtc.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViabtcCapital

Medium: https://medium.com/@ViaBTC_Capital

Email: official@capital.viabtc.com

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