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Double Surprises Delivered by CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) – Liquidity Mining and Lucky Draw

2021-07-23 09:54:25

In the first half of the year, the virtual currency market experienced ups and downs in currency prices. Take Bitcoin as an example: in just a few months, the Bitcoin price has risen from $10,000 to $60,000 and then plummeted to the recent $30,000. It is a market full of opportunities and uncertainties.

There are many types of virtual currencies for users to choose from. Instead of the short-term speculative gambling in shitcoins, it is better to seize the deterministic opportunity and make profits through low-risk liquidity mining.

Liquidity mining is a yield farming service developed on the Automated Market Maker (AMM). When the holders hedge or stake the cryptocurrencies in the mining pool, rewards are generated. To receive the rewards, cryptocurrency holders add funds to the liquidity pool to become a liquidity provider and obtain transaction fees and current income.

Certified by three top security institutions, OneSwap secures mining

With trading, mining, community governance, and other functions, OneSwap is an AMM decentralized exchange on CSC and the first to support “Liquidity Mining + Order Mining." Compared to liquidity mining, order mining perfectly avoids the impermanent losses facing the former, as the users can harvest income even if the pending orders cannot be traded.

Last September, the three blockchain security companies SlowMist, Beosin, and PeckShield issued an audit report stating that OneSwap has passed their security audits. OneSwap is the first project to be simultaneously certified by the three institutions, telling evidence of its high security.

By providing liquidity on OneSwap, the users will receive both transaction fees and current income.

Numerous coins to celebrate the deployment OneSwap on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC)!

This July, OneSwap successfully marched to CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) after landing on ETH, TRX, and BNB.

CSC is the CoinEx team's first step to enter the public chain era after long-term planning and accumulation. It commits to building infrastructure for a smart chain ecosystem to create an open, transparent, high-performance, permissionless smart chain environment. Its full compatibility with EVM and its CPoS consensus mechanism, which enables a higher on-chain efficiency yet lower costs, allows developers to easily migrate their DApps to CSC and also catalyzes the deployment of OneSwap on CSC.

To celebrate its adaptation to the CSC mainnet, on July 21, OneSwap will officially launch a new round of time-limited ONES mining events on CSC, with a total reward of up to 90,000 ONES. This event will start at 0:00 on July 21 and end at 0:00 on July 31 (UTC). A total of three trading pairs are supported, namely ONES/CET, CET/USDT, and ONES/USDT, among which CET/ USDT offers the highest staking reward.

In this event, OneSwap and CSC have joined forces to provide users with zero-cost, low-risk, and high-yield mining benefits. Users can participate in the liquidity mining of a certain trading pair. As usual, 60% of the transaction fees will be distributed to users as commissions, and there will be additional ONES as rewards. With just two simple steps, both newcomers and veterans can start mining and make great profits at ease. Throw a sprat to catch a herring!

Share 90,000 ONES in your first mining on CSC 

ONES is an ERC20 governance token issued by OneSwap on ETH. The total supply of ONES is fixed at 100 million, of which 50% will be allocated to the community by various means of mining. ONES is a deflationary token. According to the OneSwap white paper, the transaction fees generated in swaps and transactions are divided into two parts: 60% goes directly to liquidity providers, and 40% is used to repurchase and burn ONES.

The OneSwap mining event on CSC will last for 10 days, from 0:00 on July 21 to 0:00 on July 31 (UTC). Mining rewards will be distributed once every hour. The liquidity mining event will generate 90,000 ONES in total for the 3 trading pairs, with a daily output of 9,000 ONES. 55% of the total mining rewards (5,000 ONES per day) will go to CET/USDT liquidity providers, and the rest 45% will be equally divided by liquidity providers of the other two trading pairs, that is 2,000 ONES per day for each pair.  

The estimated annualized rates of return of the three trading pairs are as follows, which may change based on actual participation:

437.58%for ONES/USDT , 189.77%for ONES/CET, and 106.84%for CET/USDT.

For example, from 00:00 on July 21 to 00:00 on July 31 (UTC), 2,000 ONES are output in the liquidity mining of CET/USDT, and the total capitalization of CET/USDT liquidity is $10,000. During this period, if a user provides liquidity equivalent to $1,000 for CET/USDT, he or she can get 10% of the total mining output of the trading pair, that is, 200 ONES.

How to mine:


Event address: https://www.oneswap.net/cet/mining

Public chain involved: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) 

Note: Please be aware that liquidity mining may cause impermanent losses.

More benefits expected: A community airdrop on the go

To better reward all the users behind us, along with this liquidity mining event, we will simultaneously launch an airdrop in the community with the total rewards of 4,000 ONES. The airdrop will start from 00:00 on July 21(UTC)and end at 12:00 on July 26(UTC).

No restrictions are placed on user levels in this airdrop event. You can participate in the lucky draw with a click.

Event rules:

To be qualified for the lucky draw, re-tweet and follow the Twitter account of OneSwap official events with hashtags of #ONES Liquidity Mining#, #CoinEx Smart Chain#, and #To Da Moon# and the address of ONES, and mention three of your friends;

When the event is over, we will draw 50 lucky users for an airdrop. Each one of the first 20 users will be rewarded with 50 ONES, and each of the remaining 30 will get 10 ONES.

Official Twitter of OneSwap: https://twitter.com/OneSwap/status/1417311318760050691?s=20

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