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CoinEx: CoinEx Airdrop Station Online, Learn to Earn 5,000,000 CET

2021-11-08 09:46:41

In the crypto market, new concepts are emerging one after another, catalyzing limitless wealth opportunities. Since 2021, the popularity of the metaverse has continued unabated. Bolstered by the GameFi boom to one high point after another, the "Play to Earn" model has never failed to fascinate crypto enthusiasts. The Solana NFT ecosystem, also popular in 2021, has given birth to the "Social to Earn" model, allowing users to earn money from social engagement.

Crypto investors are no stranger to the "Learn to Earn" model. Early on, Coinbase started a crypto-learning craze, encouraging users to earn coins while learning about cryptocurrency. Thus, amid the overwhelming “Play to Earn” projects, CoinEx has announced a new product, "CoinEx Airdrop Station", once again creating a fad for "Learn to Earn".

To promote the healthy development of CoinEx ecology and help users learn more about the cryptocurrencies and how they work, a new product, CoinEx Airdrop Station, will be released on November 8, 2021 (UTC), where everyone can get free crypto airdrops by learning about the project, answering a few questions and testing knowledge in a fun and friendly way. The first stop of CoinEx Airdrop Station is CET (CoinEx Token), the user service privilege system in the CoinEx ecosystem.

To celebrate the launch of CoinEx Airdrop Station, a 15-day CET Airdrop Promotion is also on the way, reward up to 5,000,000 CET! The arrangements are as follows:

I. Airdrop Duration

00:00, November 8, 2021 - 00:00, November 23, 2021 (UTC)

II. Airdrop Reward

1. Single reward: 50 CET per participant

2. To be rewarded: 100,000 participants

3. Total reward: 5,000,000 CET 

III. Airdrop Requirements

The promotion is a Time-limited Airdrop. During the airdrop, CoinEx users who have met the following requirements will be able to claim 50 CET airdrop reward. First come, first served.

# 1: Complete ID Verification

# 2: No CET holding since account registration (That is, no CET in asset history of all times)

# 3: Learn about the project and answer all the questions correctly 

IV. How to Participate

1. Studying: Read and study the project introduction carefully.

2. Answering questions: Complete the quiz and answer all questions correctly.

3. Claiming airdrop reward: Users who have met the requirements of participation and answered all the questions correctly can claim the airdrop when the event starts. First come, first served.

4. Reminders:

(1) After claiming, your airdrop reward will be systematically frozen in the Spot account for 3 days. Please refer to the promotion page for specific time.

(2) Sub-accounts are not qualified to participate as an independent account.

(3) During the event, should any cheating behavior be found, the user will be disqualified.

(4) CoinEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Click HERE to participate in CET Airdrop Promotion: https://www.coinex.com/activity/airdrop/1?type=intro

Users familiar with CoinEx must have enjoyed considerable CET airdrops before, and many of them have been benefited from the industry boom. CoinEx Airdrop Station is designed to help more new users learn industry knowledge and deepen their understanding of the CoinEx ecosystem and products. 

Before "Play To Earn" is over, the "Learn to Earn" craze has started. Anyhow, for crypto users, only by constantly improving their awareness and keeping up with the trend of the times can they continue to discover nuggets in the industry and seize wealth opportunities.

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