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CoinEx: Seizing the Crypto Opportunity Through the “Learning Economy”, CoinEx Starts Another Boom of “Learn to Earn”

2021-11-10 01:49:06

In the NFT boom, the crypto market has witnessed the exponential growth of the metaverse, as well as the integration of GameFi digital assets with real-world valuables. Driven by the huge momentum of NFTs, the game sector has gradually shifted from sheer entertainment to the model of “Play to Earn”.

Many crypto investors have made a fortune from such a profitable trend, whereas those who missed the opportunity of “Play to Earn” are kicking themselves — The GameFi boom started just when they learned about the metaverse, and there is no longer any profitable opportunity when they finally figure out what GameFi is all about. The fundamental reason why you keep missing out is that your learning capacity fails to keep up with market developments. Essentially, those who seize the opportunities are “devoted students” who always keep track of the latest trends and market dynamics. They move fast to get the needed “information”, which is then capitalized via “knowledge gaps”.

If you wish to profit from market trends like these “devoted students”, then you must improve your market insights so that you can look further into the future, instead of confining yourself to the momentary trend of “Play to Earn”. 

From “Play to Earn” to “Learn to Earn”, CoinEx starts a new boom with 5 million CET airdrops

Backed by strong crypto R&D capacity and expertise in global operation, CoinEx strives to build a one-stop service platform of crypto applications. In addition to providing first-rate trading services for users, the exchange also promotes the popularization of crypto news. To encourage users to explore the crypto space and improve their understanding of market trades and the product-based crypto ecosystems, CoinEx has announced the launch of a new product called “CoinEx Airdrop Station”, which aims to help users profit from learning and create a new trend of “Learn to Earn”.

The first stop of CoinEx Airdrop Station is CET (CoinEx Token), with a total reward of 5,000,000 CET. During the airdrop, CoinEx users who met the relevant requirements can get CET for free.

In the “Learn to Earn” trend powered by massive airdrops from CoinEx, users not only can get rewards but can also improve their market insights and make better use of their crypto resources. With CoinEx Airdrop Station, users could develop a sharp eye, which will help them seize the crypto opportunities. Apart from this, the launch of this new product encourages users to learn more about their privileges on CoinEx and helps them better understand the exchange’s products, which in turn facilitates CoinEx’s strategy of globalized growth.

Learn to Earn: Wealth is derived from market insights

Many people are convinced they are just as good as any other crypto investor. As such, they wonder why others have made a fortune while they kept missing out on the opportunities. In reality, there exists a gap between different crypto investors in terms of market insight and learning.

  • “Learn to Earn” will fully upgrade CoinEx users’ market instincts, which has far-reaching implications for the development of the entire crypto community.
  • Through “Learn to Earn”, CoinEx motivates crypto enthusiasts to reinvigorate the open crypto market.
  • From “Play to Earn” to “Learn to Earn”, CoinEx intends to send out the message that wealth is derived from market insights. The exchange teaches users the right way to make a profit in the crypto space. By building the “learning economy”, which is a completely new concept, CoinEx offers its users additional experiences when they learn obscure crypto knowledge.

In the crypto space, the excessive costs incurred by the acquisition of obscure knowledge will disengage users from learning, leaving them with a shallow understanding of many technologies and applications. Moreover, such cursory knowledge cannot be capitalized, which kills the passion for learning, leading to a vicious cycle. With CoinEx’s airdrop incentives of 5 million CET, the process of “Learn to Earn” will make users significantly more motivated for learning. This will lead users to deeper insights into the crypto sector, thus facilitating the “capitalization of knowledge”.

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