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CoinEx: Making Money While Learning? What is the Learn to Earn Model?

2021-11-10 08:18:23

In 2021, many new crypto concepts have gone viral, expanding their influence beyond the crypto circle. In particular, GameFi has achieved an outstanding track record. The boom of Axie Infinity has popularized the Play to Earn model. Yet, gaming or playing is not the only way to make money in the crypto space. For instance, have you heard about the classic earning model of Learn to Earn?

So, what is Learn to Earn and how can you be part of it? Let’s dive into this new model. 

I. What is Learn to Earn?

Learn to Earn is a process in which people learn industry-specific knowledge and earn a profit by taking Q&A tests. For crypto investors, it is an earning model that encourages them to study some technical know-how, thereby promoting crypto trading and knowledge.

Paid learning has always been the mainstream model for the acquisition of knowledge. In paid learning, students, taxpayers, and donors bear the cost of education. Learn to Earn is subverting this model, making it possible to make money through learning. This is similar to how Adobe gives you a few shares to have you start learning how to use Photoshop.

In the crypto space, Learn to Earn refers to an earning model where one studies the knowledge specific to cryptocurrencies and blockchain and gets cryptos by passing the tests. However, it is not a new concept. Back in 2018, Coinbase launched the Coinbase Earn Program, which allowed Coinbase users to get free cryptos by learning crypto knowledge. The program aimed to get more people to learn and own cryptocurrencies. The Singapore-based Phemex had also rolled out an all-new educational program called “Learn and Earn,” which aims to provide users with cryptocurrency and blockchain-related concepts. If users got all the right answers in the test designed by Phemex, they would get crypto rewards. In May, Bit.Country, a semi-metaverse social platform, also adopted the Learn to Earn as an earning system.

Learn to Earn mainly caters to beginners but is also available for experienced crypto enthusiasts who seek to know more about the industry and how to trade digital assets seamlessly. It is essentially designed for everyone who wants clarity and eventually wants to foray into the trading space of cryptocurrencies but does not know where to begin. It is open to anyone who wants to build a passive income stream by just learning about cryptocurrencies.

II. How to participate in Learn to Earn? 

Recently, CoinEx introduced a new product of Learn to Earn that you cannot miss - CoinEx Airdrop Station. Apply now to profit from this new boom of Learn to Earn.

With crypto expertise in technology R&D and global operation, CoinEx is a global, secure, stable, and efficient crypto trading platform. It focuses on user experiences in product development and popularizes crypto knowledge. The exchange has introduced an all-new product called CoinEx Airdrop Station on November 8, 2021. The first stop of the new product is CET (CoinEx Token), with a total Learn to Earn reward of 5,000,000 CET.

Duration of the Time-Limited Airdrop: 00:00, November 8, 2021 — 00:00, November 23, 2021 (UTC). During the airdrop, CoinEx users who have met the requirements can participate in Learn to Earn and claim 50 CET as airdrop rewards (first come, first served) after learning and passing the test.

Financial link:https://www.coinex.com/asset/finance

The crypto economy has started to change every aspect of our life and work. In Learn to Earn, the way you learn will determine your earnings. In the Learn to Earn event hosted by CoinEx Airdrop Station, participants could get free CET via learning, making money while building up crypto expertise. Join the event now for both knowledge and free cryptos!

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