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Market Enthusiasm for CSC Global Hackathon Grants: An Expanding Crypto Ecosystem Powered by the Launch of Multiple Projects

2021-11-19 10:48:00

The CSC Global Hackathon Grants, cohosted by CoinEx and ViaBTC Capital, sparked enthusiasm among crypto enthusiasts around the world. Driven by the Grants, a number of crypto applications registered exponential growth, and crypto users have seen a dazzling array of new projects thanks to the Grants.

There are over 20 days before the end of the event (2021/12/10 04:00 UTC). During this period, project teams around the world can still sign up for the Grants.

Application link: https://hackerlink.io/en/grant/CSC/1

Driven by passionate participants, the Grants has fostered CoinMill, IFSwap, and IFTip Bot. These three projects have stood out from all the participating projects and now rank top three in the Grants.

How did CoinMill, IFSwap, and IFTip Bot stand out from the participants in the Grants? A careful analysis of their application scenarios will tell us the reason.

The CSC Global Hackathon Grants: Presenting new opportunities and building a thriving CSC ecosystem

To begin with, it should be made clear that the Grants is co-hosted by CoinEx and ViaBTC Capital. Moreover, CSC will offer comprehensive support for promising projects in terms of crypto resources, marketing, and technology.

1. CoinMill

CoinMill strives to become the first comprehensive service platform on CSC, providing one-stop services for CoinEx users and CET holders. Meanwhile, CoinMill also offers IDO mechanisms for CSC-based projects, which could lower their operating costs and accelerate the process of project incubation.

The reason why CoinMill ranked top in the Grant is that the project has set a clear goal: Striving to become the first comprehensive service platform on CSC. Right now, CSC is fast growing. It prioritizes the development of ecosystem-based applications, and the goal of CoinMill fills a gap in the application sector of CSC.

The top rank of CoinMill is by no means a coincidence. On the one hand, CoinMill shares CSC’s development visions; on the other hand, CoinMill pursues meaningful, long-term growth, rather than short-term speculation.

2. IFSwap

Ranking second in the Grants, IFSwap is a new AMM decentralized crypto exchange running on CSC. It provides a wide range of application scenarios for CSC’s DeFi sector. IFSwap supports the exchange of all ERC20 assets on CSC, serving as a bridge between users and CSC.

The project ranked second because it is more than just another decentralized exchange. IFSwap intends to build an extended DeFi ecosystem that offers application services such as stake mining and cross-chain bridge, in addition to token swaps. We noticed that, apart from crypto infrastructure, CSC also focuses on DeFi applications. IFSwap not also provides basic DeFi functions but also strives to build an extended DeFi ecosystem by offering a diverse range of DeFi services. It is this diversified competition that allowed IFSwap to rank second in the Grants.

3. IFTip Bot

IFTip Bot, the third-best project in the Grants, is an application designed as a niche tool. It is a crypto bot that runs on pan-media platforms (e.g. Telegram/Discord/WeChat), offering Price Query/Wallet/Swap services for millions of crypto users. IFTip Bot has built a massive user base that covers more than 4,600 communities and over 3 million users. This project has attracted considerable user traffic by providing a tool for crypto users. The huge user base and the simultaneous operation of multiple blockchains are the highlights of IFTip Bot as a tool-oriented application. As it offers Price Query/Wallet/Swap services, IFTip Bot will further increase its user stickiness and bind users in its ecosystem.

Spark market enthusiasm and promote the crypto ecosystem

Every hackathon is a feast of innovation and challenges. Since their inception, hackathons have incubated plenty of revolutionary projects. Apple, Microsoft, and Ethereum are all born from the creative insights of hackathons. Hackathons have inspired us and promoted the progress of the crypto sector.

The sound growth of CoinMill, IFSwap, and IFTip Bot shows that powered by the creative insights from crypto geeks, the Grants has entered the final phase. As CoinEx and ViaBTC Capital continue to pour resources into the Grants and gather more crypto elites, the CSC Global Hackathon Grants will attract more developers and tech geeks, thereby empowering more meaningful crypto applications.

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