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Company Update

From ViaWallet to CoinEx Wallet: The Ultimate Gateway to Web3

2024-01-11 11:28:12

CoinEx, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced the full upgrade of ViaWallet - CoinEx Wallet, a next-generation cryptocurrency wallet. CoinEx Wallet provides users a streamlined gateway to the emerging world of decentralized finance and web3 applications.

As the lines between finance and technology increasingly blur, CoinEx Wallet offers an all-in-one platform for managing digital assets across diverse blockchains and protocols. By evolving its brand identity, CoinEx Wallet aims to build familiarity and trust that empowers a wider audience to access decentralized service and offerings. CoinEx Wallet lowers barriers for both new and existing users to securely enter and explore the world of crypto. Supporting 52 mainstream public chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Solana, users can store, send, receive, swap, stake, and interact seamlessly with tokens from the biggest cryptos to hottest altcoins.

"CoinEx Wallet removes the complexity from blockchain interactions, while expanding possibilities," said Haipo Yang, Founder and CEO of CoinEx. "It provides crypto newcomers and veterans alike a simple, secure home base for all their web3 activities." 

Intuitive interfaces coupled with robust capabilities unlock next-level user experiences. Users can not only transact securely with cryptocurrencies, but also access web3 applications spanning decentralized finance, NFTs, the metaverse and beyond. Unique features include:

  • Multi-chain support for over 1 million tokens
  • Built-in multichain token swap function
  • NFT inventory and multi-chain transfers
  • Staking rewards from PoS protocols
  • Accelerated Bitcoin transactions

CoinEx will continue improving product performance and expanding functionality to align with the evolving web3 landscape. The upgrade from ViaWallet to CoinEx Wallet represents its full commitment to innovation that enriches user experiences and capabilities. To celebrate the major upgrade, CoinEx Wallet will launch exciting new campaigns for existing users and beyond. Further details will be announced via official channels accordingly. 

Experience the future of crypto management with CoinEx Wallet. Download now.

About CoinEx 

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making trading easier. The platform provides a range of services, including spot and margin trading, futures, swaps, automated market maker (AMM), and financial management services for over 5 million users across 200+ countries and regions. Since its establishment, CoinEx has steadfastly adhered to a "user-first" service principle. With the sincere intention of nurturing an equitable, respectful and secure crypto trading environment, CoinEx enables users to effortlessly access the world of cryptocurrency by offering easy-to-use products and services.

About CoinEx Wallet 

CoinEx Wallet removes complexity from blockchain interactions and expands possibilities for both crypto newcomers and veterans. Unique features such as multi-chain support, NFT transfers, staking rewards, and accelerated Bitcoin transactions deliver seamless and enhanced user experiences. Aligning with CoinEx's mission to make crypto trading easier, CoinEx Wallet provides a streamlined gateway to the world of decentralized finance and web3 applications for over 5 million participants in the CoinEx ecosystem worldwide.

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