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CoinEx Charity enters the State University of Jakarta to catalyze the development of blockchain education in Indonesia.

2024-05-09 09:50:44

In recent years, blockchain technology, as a revolutionary digital technology, has gradually been changing the global business, financial, and social models. However, despite the continuous expansion of blockchain technology's application scenarios, blockchain education in Indonesia still needs to improve. Most schools still need to incorporate blockchain technology into their curricula, resulting in insufficient understanding and proficiency among students regarding this emerging technology. To fill this educational resource gap, CoinEx Charity organized a philanthropic blockchain science popularization event at State University of Jakarta to promote the popularization of blockchain education in Indonesia.

On May 8, 2024, CoinEx Charity's philanthropic lecture successfully concluded at State University of Jakarta in Indonesia.

On May 8, 2024, CoinEx Charity's philanthropic lecture successfully concluded at State University of Jakarta in Indonesia. The lecture was divided into two theme-based discussion sessions, attracting the active participation of more than 100 students at the university. The opening ceremony of the philanthropic lecture was hosted by professors from the university, setting the stage for the entire event. University leaders expressed their expectations and support for the popularization of blockchain education from the stage. At the same time, members of the CoinEx Charity team and other attendees introduced the themes and objectives of the philanthropic lecture, laying the foundation for the subsequent lecture content.

This CoinEx Charity philanthropic lecture included two main topics. The first topic was "The Integration of Blockchain Technology in Our World." In this session, the CoinEx Charity team delved into the applications of blockchain technology in various fields such as supply chain management, healthcare, finance, and government services, emphasizing its potential for far-reaching impacts on industries. The second topic was "Career Opportunities in the Blockchain Field." Attendees were provided with detailed introductions to the responsibilities and development prospects of various roles in the blockchain industry, including blockchain developers, consultants, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The importance of acquiring blockchain-related skills and certifications to maintain competitiveness in the job market was also emphasized. The lecture concluded with a Q&A session, providing students an opportunity to interact with experts, ask questions, and seek further explanations and understanding of blockchain technology and its applications.

The philanthropic blockchain science popularization event held at State University of Jakarta in Indonesia is one of the essential initiatives of CoinEx Charity in supporting global educational resources. By entering State University of Jakarta, CoinEx Charity not only provides opportunities for Indonesian students to receive blockchain education and cultivate more blockchain professionals but also injects new vitality into the global education cause, assisting in the broader application and development of blockchain technology. This not only contributes to enhancing Indonesia's competitiveness in the blockchain field but also provides support for technological innovation and economic development in Indonesia.

Blockchain technology, as an emerging technology, holds significant importance for the development of Indonesia and the world. It not only improves the efficiency and transparency of traditional industries but also brings innovation and new business models to many emerging fields. In addition to activities in Indonesia, CoinEx Charity also carries out various educational support projects on a global scale. Through sponsoring blockchain education lectures, organizing blockchain technology training courses, providing scholarships, and donating learning materials, CoinEx Charity is committed to raising awareness and understanding of blockchain technology on a global scale, laying a solid foundation for talent cultivation and industry development.

The cooperation between CoinEx Charity and State University of Jakarta serves as the inaugural event of the worldwide philanthropic lecture series. Moving forward, the CoinEx Charity team will extend its outreach to regions including Africa, Brazil, Turkey, and India, delivering philanthropic speeches, disseminating knowledge free of charge, enhancing science popularization for students, and fostering their understanding of the potentialities and applications of blockchain technology. CoinEx Charity's global educational resource support serves not only to bridge the gap in blockchain education but also to provide students and professionals with increased opportunities to access and master blockchain technology. Through these collaborative initiatives, CoinEx Charity actively contributes to the sustainable development of the global blockchain industry and advances the progress of global education.

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