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Runecoin: Exploring BTC Potential on the Rune

2024-05-13 02:58:11

Runecoin is a token that uses the improved Bitcoin Rune Protocol and is directly associated with the RSIC metaprotocol Ordinals collection. Runecoin was recently on everyone's radar after hitting an all-time high overnight.

Most crypto enthusiasts are rushing to stock up on this coin since it's speculated to continue roaring even higher. Let's take a deep dive into what Runecoin is all about.

What is Runecoin cryptocurrency?

Runecoin is the first ever pre-Rune airdropped. This token provides users with a unique opportunity to engage directly with BTC. RCIS.GENESIS.RUNE is built on the Runes protocol on the BTC network. This unique token makes it possible for crypto enthusiasts to explore potential digital assets.

The Runes protocol launched on April 19th, alongside the latest BTC halving. With this protocol, creatives are now able to launch fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals protocol inventor Casey Rodarmor created this initiative.

So far, several tokens have been launched on the experimental BTC-20 protocol, but Runes is the only efficient and successful implementation. What's more, RSCIS metaprotocol is a collection of NFT-like ordinals that were airdropped to the wallets of various Ordinals collectors.

The project was said to be a part of a game where users could choose to mine tokens. That inevitably led to the launch of Runecoin, which is one of the first ten tokens to be launched on the Rune protocol.

The Price of Runecoin on CoinEx: RUNECOIN Price Exchange

Several centralized exchanges are already in a rush to embrace this coin. After Runecoin was listed on OKX, the price of the coin jumped to record its first-ever ATH. This is the most traded Rune token on most exchanges in the last 24 hours.

And as the coin continues to gain popularity, so does the entire Rune ecosystem. We expect a full-on bullish trend for the whole Rune community in the next couple of months as the remaining coins in this ecosystem continue to gain traction.

Runecoin has set a new standard for the rest of the Rune protocol tokens, which could entice investors to put their money into this project. In return, the coin's market cap will continue to grow, and so will the community around this token.

Currently, it's still too early to speculate on the price action and the future of this coin. But the reality is that Runecoin is off to a good start. If you'd like to invest in this Runecoin, head straight to CoinEx for a quick and secure purchase.


*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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