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Empowering Students to Explore the World of Blockchain Technology: CoinEx Charity's Charity Lecture at a Turkish University

2024-05-17 03:43:00

Currently, Turkey has emerged as an active center for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency education. With the country embracing digital transformation, educational institutions and charitable organizations play a key role in promoting a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. While blockchain education in Turkey is in a rapid development stage, educational resources are relatively scarce. Despite advanced academic institutions and student clubs like Ozyegin University actively promoting the dissemination of blockchain knowledge, there is still a need for more societal support and resource allocation to meet the growing demand and cultivate more professionals.

CoinEx Charity held an inspiring charity blockchain lecture at Ozyegin University on May 13, 2024.

On May 13, 2024, CoinEx Charity held an inspiring charity blockchain lecture at Ozyegin University, located in Istanbul. This event attracted over 50 students interested in blockchain and established a long-term friendly collaboration with the local youth organization, Agenzy.

Furthermore, CoinEx Charity invited local renowned blockchain Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Dogukan Dogan and Metehan Ázel, as speakers for the charity lecture. Dogukan Dogan, a local blockchain KOL, is known for his expertise in simplifying complex blockchain concepts and has created a substantial amount of content on social media to disseminate blockchain knowledge to the public. Metehan Ázel is an economist and researcher who provides technical consultancy and research services for blockchain projects, making significant contributions to the academic and practical understanding of blockchain technology.

The CoinEx Charity lecture attracted over 50 students who actively participated in vivid discussions and debates with the speakers. The topics covered the basics of blockchain technology to the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency assets. The engaging and interesting discussions piqued the students' great interest. To enhance the sense of community and express gratitude to the participants, CoinEx Charity distributed branded gifts to the attending students, enriching their experience of the charity lecture.

This successful lecture by CoinEx Charity at Ozyegin University has made a significant contribution to blockchain education in Turkey.

This successful lecture by CoinEx Charity at Ozyegin University has made a significant contribution to blockchain education in Turkey. By collaborating with local organizations and leveraging the expertise of renowned speakers, CoinEx Charity is helping the next generation of students acquire evolving knowledge and tools in the rapidly developing world of blockchain technology. It provides them with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency assets and blockchain technology and encourages and supports their learning and research in this field.

Meanwhile, CoinEx Charity's charity lecture activities have successfully landed in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Turkey, attracting active participation from a large number of students and community members, and showcasing the potential and influence of blockchain technology in the global education sector. Through these lectures, CoinEx Charity not only disseminates knowledge of blockchain but also inspires students' interest and enthusiasm for new technologies.

In the future, CoinEx Charity will continue to hold more charity lectures in Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines, Brazil, and other countries, aiming to bring more knowledge and opportunities to regions with relatively scarce educational resources. The goal of CoinEx Charity is to promote technological development and economic progress in these areas through continuous education and promotion, enabling more people to understand and grasp blockchain technology.

CoinEx Charity firmly believes that the sharing of knowledge is a powerful force driving social progress. We will continue to exert efforts to expand the coverage of charity lectures, providing valuable learning resources and opportunities to more students and communities worldwide. Through these efforts, CoinEx Charity hopes to promote the popularization and application of blockchain technology globally, empowering more people to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

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