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What Is QnA3.AI and How to Buy GPT Tokens?

2024-05-17 07:12:01

In our commitment to continually broaden our offerings, we are introducing a new project addition - QnA3.AI.

A new initiative, QnA3.AI, has entered the market to demystify cryptocurrencies and make investing in them easy. It also introduces its own digital currency, the GPT token, which serves several functions within the project.

This article will detail the QnA3.AI project and GPT Token and guide you on how to purchase and trade GPT tokens. 

What is QnA3.AI (GPT)?

QnA3.AI is a digital platform designed to simplify the complexity of cryptocurrency and Web3 technologies for users. It combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to offer a range of services that make it easier for users to understand, trade, and secure digital assets.

The vision of QnA3.AI is centered on democratization and community involvement. It emphasizes making AI tools accessible to everyone, not just a few experts or companies. To make this possible, QnA3.AI integrates AI with the decentralized and user-driven ethos of Web3 to ensure its benefits reach a broad audience. 

The platform promotes transparency and community involvement, with most of its resources dedicated to its users, developers, and partners.

QnA3.AI offers a range of tools to help users make informed decisions. It starts with collecting and organizing vast amounts of information about cryptocurrencies. 

It then uses AI to analyze this data and highlight important trends and patterns. This helps users understand the market better without sifting through complex information.

Finally, QnA3.AI simplifies the process of trading. It offers tools that allow users to trade directly through the platform. This includes analyzing potential trades and finding the best ways to execute them to minimize costs and maximize potential gains.

Here are some GPT Coinmetrics and official links:

What is GPT Token?

The GPT token is a digital currency used on the QnA3.AI platform, which focuses on cryptocurrency and Web3 technology. The token plays several crucial roles in this ecosystem:

Access and Features 

Users can use GPT tokens to access advanced AI features on the platform and increase their query limits beyond the standard allowance.


GPT token holders can participate in decision-making processes about the platform's development. This includes voting rights which allow users to influence which features are prioritized and how the platform evolves.

Incentives and Rewards

The platform rewards GPT token holders by sharing profits from transaction fees and conducting buy-backs of GPT, which can increase its value.

Interactive Engagement

The token is used in gamified features like "Horse Racing," where users can bet on popular questions, and in buying advertisement slots to increase the visibility of their queries or projects.

Exclusive Content

Plans are in place to offer research reports as NFTs purchasable with GPT to provide exclusive access to valuable insights.

GPT Tokenomics

The distribution of GPT tokens

Here’s a breakdown of the GPT tokenomics:

  • OKX Jumpstart (3%): This part is available immediately on the launch day, with no waiting period.
  • Airdrop (1.5% in 3 rounds): These tokens are distributed for free in three rounds;
  • First Airdrop: 0.5% available on launch day.
  • Second Airdrop: Another 0.5% released after 30 days.
  • Third Airdrop: The final 0.5% unlocked after 60 days.
  • Market Maker (3%): This portion is also ready to use on launch day and helps keep the token trading smoothly.
  • Protocol Development (35%): A small part (3.5%) is available on launch day, but the rest will be distributed over four years to support the project's ongoing work.
  • Investors (20%): Investors must wait one year before any tokens are released and receive them gradually over the next three to five years.
  • Team (20%): Similar to investors, the team waits one year, and their tokens are spread out over four additional years.
  • Advisors (5%): Advisors have the same deal as the team, with a one-year wait and a four-year distribution period.
  • AI Ecosystem Fund (5%): This fund supports AI development, with a one-year cliff before tokens are released over six years.
  • Treasury (7.5%): The treasury funds for long-term project health will be locked for four years.

Key Features of QnA3.AI (GPT)

QnA3.AI offers several key features:

  • AI Agent: The platform uses state-of-the-art AI to answer questions and help users decide their crypto investments. It analyzes data to pinpoint market trends and offers tailored advice based on a deep understanding of the web3 environment.
  • Technical Analysis: QnA3.AI provides real-time analytics and a comprehensive database of market news to help users make informed decisions by understanding market trends and conditions.
  • Trading System: The platform simplifies trading by analyzing tokens and offering efficient trading options with low transaction fees.
  • Governance DAO: QnA3.AI operates under a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure to make decision-making inclusive and transparent thereby reflecting the community's needs.
  • Community Engagement: Based in the Bay Area, QnA3.AI actively engages with its community through workshops and AMA sessions, where users connect with AI experts and incorporate their feedback into the platform’s development.

How to Buy and Trade GPT Tokens?

CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by 5+ millions of users worldwide with 100% reserve. With 1000+ tokens supported, including GPT, users can now trade easily and seamlessly. 

Here’s how you can buy and trade GPT tokens on CoinEx:

  1. Register on CoinEx: Begin by creating a new account on CoinEx.
  2. Deposit Funds: After setting up your account, log in and deposit an amount in a currency that CoinEx supports into your account.
  3. Access GPT Token Trading Page: With a funded account, proceed to the GPT token trading page on CoinEx. Use the search function and enter the term "GPT" to locate the trading pairs for GPT quickly.
  4. Choose a Trading Pair: To trade GPT against USDT (Tether), select the GPT/USDT trading pair.
  5. Input Trade Details: Enter the desired quantity of GPT tokens you want to purchase. The interface will display the cost based on the current market price.
  6. Complete Your Trade: Review the trade specifics carefully. Once you have confirmed the details are correct, finalize and execute your order to receive GPT tokens.
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