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CoinEx Staking Tutorial: How to Stake ETH with One Click and Unlock New On-chain Earnings?

2024-05-20 03:47:29

The global cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinEx has launched a staking service, providing users with a new and easy way to start earning on-chain revenue, catering to users' diverse investment needs. Through CoinEx, users can effortlessly stake ETH with a single click on the platform, simplifying the complex process of participating in the Ethereum network. As the world's largest smart contract platform, the security of the Ethereum network is vital to the entire blockchain ecosystem; by staking ETH on the CoinEx platform, investors not only contribute to the security of the Ethereum network but can also earn returns without sacrificing asset liquidity.

Any registered user of the CoinEx platform who has completed 2FA authentication can use CoinEx staking without any additional requirements. So how do you perform staking operations on CoinEx? This article will explain the tutorial through text and images.

I. Log in to the official CoinEx website and find the staking service

1. Visit the CoinEx official website (, log in to your account, and select [Staking] under [Finance] at the top of the page to access the staking page.

2. Find the crypto you want to stake and click [Stake].

3. Enter the quantity in the "Staked Amount", review the APY, estimated daily reward, and staking rules, and click [Start Staking].

4. Confirm the staking information in the popup window, read and check [I’ve read and agreed to the CoinEx Staking Terms of Service], then click [Confirm] to stake successfully.

5. After successful staking, you can choose to [Continue Staking] or click [Confirm] to return to the staking page.

II. View staked assets and rewards

Option 1: Go to the staking page, click on [My Staking] to go to the staked assets page under Financial Account.

Option 2: Visit CoinEx's official website ( Select [Financial] under [Aseets] in the top right corner to view staked assets and earnings.

III. Redeem staked assets

1. Go to the staking page or staked assets page, and click on [Redeem] next to the staked crypto.

2. Enter the redeemed amount in the popup window and click [Confirm Redeeming].

3. Confirm the redeeming order details again and click "Confirm" to submit the redemption request.

Note: Redemption is expected to take 2 to 8 days to process, and the processing time is subject to the actual arrival time on the blockchain.

IV.View Staking records

1. After staking earnings are credited, go to [Asset History] > [Spot Account] to view rewards and staking operation records.

2. Additionally, you can also go to [Asset History] > [Financial Account], and adjust the type to [Staking] to view staking records excluding rewards.

Users should note that the minimum staking amount and minimum redemption amount on CoinEx is 0.01 ETH, with no upper limit on the amount you can stake. The redemption process typically takes between 2 to 8 days to complete, and the actual timing is subject to on-chain processing. Once redemption is initiated, the user's ETH will be temporarily locked, and no earnings can be obtained during this period.

It can be said that the Staking service offered by CoinEx opens a new investment portal for users. Every new financial enthusiast has the opportunity to easily stake ETH through the platform, unlocking new on-chain earnings while effectively appreciating their assets.

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