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CoinEx P2P Tutorial: How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency on CoinEx?

2024-05-30 09:34:18

P2P trading, or peer-to-peer trading, is a form of transaction conducted directly between two users. CoinEx P2P provides the most direct channel for conversion between fiat and cryptocurrency, allowing users to communicate directly and complete transactions without the need for intermediaries, thus enabling quick and convenient fiat currency on/off-ramp channels.

CoinEx P2P features zero transaction fees site-wide, convenient communication, and support for most regions and fiat currencies. Any CoinEx registered user who has completed the basic KYC verification and security checks can use the CoinEx P2P service.

So, how can users buy and sell cryptocurrency through CoinEx? This article will explain the specific operating procedures.

I. Purchasing Cryptocurrency Through CoinEx P2P Service

1. Visit CoinEx's official website (, log in to your account, and select [P2P Trading] under [Fiat] at the top of the page.

2. On the "P2P Trading" page, select an ad of your preference and click [Buy].

3. Fill in the "Amount" and "Payment Method" according to your needs.

4. After the Merchant accepts the order, follow the guide to make the fiat payment on the "Order Details" page. Then, wait for the Merchant to release the cryptos.

5. Once the cryptos are released, they will be automatically credited to your Spot Account.

II. Selling Cryptocurrency Through CoinEx P2P Service

1. On the "P2P Trading" page, select an ad of your preference and click [Sell].

2. Fill in the "Amount" and "Payment Method" according to your needs.

3. After the Merchant accepts the order, they will make a real-name transfer to your specified account.

4. Once you confirm the payer's name and receive fiat funds in your specified bank account, click to release the cryptos and complete the selling process.

III. Chatting with Buyers/Sellers

1. When you enter the "Order Details" page of P2P Trading, you can directly send text or images in the chat window on the right side of the page, and the recipient will respond to your message.

2. If you want to communicate with the counterparty of another order, click on [Order Management] on the "P2P Trading" page, then click on [View Details] next to the order to enter the chat window.

Users should note that CoinEx only provides a listing service for relevant advertisements. To ensure users have a smooth trading experience, the platform will verify the identities of merchants and escrow the seller's cryptocurrency until the transaction is complete. If users encounter any issues during the transaction process, they can seek assistance from CoinEx customer support.

Moving forward, CoinEx will continue to optimize P2P service, support more P2P merchants, and enhance the user trading experience. Stay tuned.

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