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Can ANDY Become the Next Big Memecoin in the Market After PEPE?

2024-05-31 02:43:28

The crypto market has seen many memecoins come and go since 2020. Surprisingly, only a select few could make it to the top and sustain their position. These were Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and PEPE (PEPE).

A new memecoin named ANDY has recently entered the market, and very few people know about it. In this article, we'll review it to see if it can become the next big memecoin in the crypto world, especially after PEPE.

A Brief History and Background

Memecoins are often known as cryptocurrencies with no intrinsic value or real-life application but as a joke around something. This joke is what makes the creators build a sentiment to attract the relevant audience in order to build a community around their token.

All memecoins are community-driven. This means the stronger the community of a memecoin, the stronger it will emerge on the ranking list. If we talk about ANDY, it revolves around a member of the famous Boys Club who has a fun personality and loves to play around and chill.

If we talk about its community, the project currently has over eight thousand members on its official Telegram channel, and the number is gradually growing. The token is already available on multiple exchanges, including, BingX, and BitMart. In fact, it's also open for swaps on Uniswap, a famous DEX in the crypto market.

The Price Change of ANDY on CoinEx

ANDY on CoinEx: Price around 0.0001726 USD, 1 trillion tokens, 100% available in the market.

Among the popular exchanges stands CoinEx, which also has the memecoin listed for trading. At the time of writing, ANDY trades at a price of more or less 0.0001726 USD. It already has a massive total supply of 1 trillion tokens that are 100% available in the market.

This makes the total market cap of the token stand at over $172 million at press time, which doesn't seem bad for a memecoin that has just made its debut in the market. The token had a little over $40K of trading volume on May 30, as recorded by CoinEx.

Almost all memecoins have a huge token supply, if not infinite, like that of Shiba Inu (SHIB). This is a reason why their price is so low that one can get thousands of tokens for a single USD. But this is how memecoins operate, as they're not driven by their supply limit or price but by the community they build around their narrative.

If the community becomes stronger and stronger, there will come a point where the memecoin ranks among the market's blue chips with the same token supply they had at the time of launch. But building a massive audience is where most memecoins fail. The ones that succeed make history, as we've seen in the cases of DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE.

Now, what happens with ANDY is something only time can verify. If it manages to successfully build a massive audience to back it up, especially over the next few months or at least a year, the memecoin might be able to sustain itself further. Otherwise, some new coin will come to replace it, as this has been the legacy of the memecoin market ever since its inception.

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*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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