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YoY Trading Volume Growth of 6,840%: How Do CoinEx Contract Markets Achieve Fast Growth?

2022-02-28 10:13:18

As the crypto market boomed in 2021, the scope of crypto investment is no longer limited to spot trading, and a growing number of investors have joined the derivatives market. The major markets of crypto derivatives include delivery contracts and perpetual contracts. In particular, perpetual contracts are preferred by investors owing to their simple operation and the elimination of delivery. Two types of contracts, linear futures contracts and inverse futures contracts, were born from perpetual contracts. Along with their continued growth, perpetual contracts captured the crypto spotlight in 2021, becoming one of the most popular products in the crypto derivatives market over the past year. At the same time, an increasing number of crypto trading platforms have started to focus on the development of perpetual contract markets.

In the perpetual contract market, linear futures contracts clearly receive more attention than inverse futures contracts. Linear futures contracts made their debut in 2018 and have achieved rapid growth in just three years. Markets of linear futures contracts are more friendly to beginners or investors who only hold stablecoins because they are allowed to trade contracts in such markets as long as they own stablecoins. Therefore, many newbies regard linear futures contracts as their No.1 choice for contract trading.

At the moment, the world’s leading crypto trading platforms are all planning for the contract market, which is now dominated by multiple strong players. As linear futures contracts become mainstream in the contract market, CoinEx, a long-standing global crypto trading platform, has invested in this category a long time ago to offer more options of contract trading while improving the trading experience. 

According to 2021 Year in Review released by CoinEx, the exchange listed 300 innovative and promising assets and introduced 604 new trading markets in 2021, and the number of CoinEx users grew by 1,920% year-on-year. In the meantime, CoinEx also set a new record in terms of its global total trading volume, with an 882% YoY increase in the spot trading volume and a 6,840% YoY growth in contract trading volume.

The stunning growth of the contract trading volume is direct proof of CoinEx’s continued efforts and great achievements in the contract market in 2021. It should also be noted that the growth track from spot trading through contract trading to contract innovation is a test of the vision and strength of a crypto trading platform. A key reason behind the surge in trading volume lies in CoinEx’s consistent efforts to perfect its contract products.

CoinEx’s perpetual contract markets are backed by a number of advantages, covering leverage of up to 100x, multiple liquidation-preventing mechanisms, zero clawback for liquidation, etc. Moreover, the strong risk control capacity and enhanced security mechanisms have also provided users with satisfying, secure, and reliable contract trading services that help them seize the first-mover advantage in the market.

Over the past year, CoinEx made frequent moves in the perpetual contract market. Focusing on linear futures contracts, the exchange kept rolling out new contract markets in response to the demand of the market and users. Its emphasis on the contract category not only lifted its contract trading volume to a new level but also earned the platform recognition from millions of users worldwide. CoinEx services, available in 16 languages, now cover users in 200 countries and regions around the world, and the number of registered CoinEx users has exceeded 3 million.

As we kick off 2022, CoinEx will focus on the contract market and provide more perpetual contract markets to meet the diversified demand for financial derivatives among investors. At the same time, the exchange will also strive to offer better, more well-rounded, and smoother contract trading experiences.

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