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CoinEx Research

CoinEx Research: Research Report on XAYA, A Blockchain Game Platform

2021-04-30 08:20:18

I. Project Background

XAYA is an open-source project maintained by Autonomous Worlds Ltd. The history of XAYA can be traced back to 2011 when its core team members participated in the Namecoin project who later became the voluntary leader of the project in 2013. Then the team built Huntercoin, the world's first blockchain game. Released in February 2014 as an experimental 1-year project, Huntercoin was met with great enthusiasm and is still running today. 

The founder of XAYA launched the Chimaera project (the word Chimaera comes from Greek mythology) in October 2016, renamed it "XAYA" in early 2018. The XAYA blockchain was launched in the second quarter of 2018 along with its first MVP game, which was Treat Fighter by Tricky Fast Studios; in June 2020, it announced it had been included in Ubisoft's start-up program.

XAYA’s vision is to fundamentally change how people perceive video games and how they play games. They see the blockchain as a transformational technology where games transcend the virtual and take on a life of their own in the real world.

II. Project Introduction

With XAYA, games can be open-sourced, and run normally around the clock without a server. Users can mine in games, and innovate with the help of new economy and game types. Soccer Manager Elite and Taurion, two of XAYA’s games, were among the 28 blockchain games to keep an eye on in 2020.

Soccer Manager Elite (SM Elite) is a remake of the classic battle-proven MMO soccer game, “SM Worlds”, which uses blockchain technology to bring players a sense of reality, ownership and complete control. can choose a game mode from many options in the game, be it a manager, broker, club owner, stock trader, speculator or any combination of the above, and compete with thousands of players. 

SM Elite is purely community-driven, with true asset ownership and built to last forever. Soccer Manager coin (SMC), the currency of this game, is priced at CHI. Users can purchase SMC through CHI or earn SMC through games. 

Taurion is developed on the Xaya blockchain network. Inspired by the classic science fiction novel Dune series, this game brings players a similar feeling. Players can choose from different factions, and each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages and game features. Players can forge their own path on this planet of deserts, and obtain resources through battles, team formation, and adventure.

For developers, the ultimate benefits of these players can make the game more attractive. By providing a new and better gaming experience, developers can accelerate business development using the best features provided by XAYA.

III. About the Token

Code: CHI

Official website: https://xaya.io/

Explorer: https://explorer.xaya.io/

Release time: Its predecessor Chimaera was created in 2016, and the mainnet was launched in 2018.

Category: A public chain, based on Namecoin code;

Fundraising: Raised funds with a market value of about US$2 million in 2018;

Exchanges: CoinEx, ProBit, Liquid, and Uniswap

Token distribution:

Mining mechanism:

The PoW mechanism is a mixture of joint mining, where SHA-256 generates a block every 2 minutes, and independent mining, where Neoscrypt generates a block every 40 seconds. Among the total block rewards, joint mining accounts for 25%, while independent mining accounts for 75%.

Token usage:

To pay transaction fees, create an account, play the game, trade items, etc.

IV. Marketing and Communities







A treasure hunt game, similar to a tank treasure hunt, was released in August 2020. More than 20 blockchain projects provided tokens as rewards for winners of the competition. The biggest sponsor was MakerDAO who had provided 2,500 DAI. According to XAYA, 3,000 users signed up, and eventually, more than 600 participated in the game. 

V. Latest Progress

In 2021, XAYA issued Wrapped CHI (WCHI), a token based on Ethereum.

WCHI can be circulated in Ethereum or traded in markets such as Uniswap. The listing of tokens provides Ethereum with more types of tokens. Users can also hold WCHI in the Ethereum wallet through MetaMask, instead of the XAYA wallet. It is reported that Wrapped CHI will be listed successively on XAYA, Ethereum and other platforms. 

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