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CoinEx: Optimizing Products and Services While Expanding the Global Market, CoinEx Enters a Fast Lane of Globalization

2022-03-16 08:40:31

According to the official news released in 2022, users now can enjoy the CoinEx website and App in Indonesian, Turkish, Vietnamese and German. In addition, the CoinEx website has been available in Thai recently, and the App in Thai is coming soon.

Up to now, the CoinEx website (https://www.coinex.com/) has supported 16 languages, respectively Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Indonesian, Turkish and Thai. Users from different countries and regions can freely choose the language they prefer on the CoinEx website.

It is obvious that CoinEx has picked up pace in its globalization process, as evidenced by its support covering 16 language regions around the world and the number of its global users that keeps breaking new highs. According to the data disclosed by CoinEx in 2021, its trading users in 2021 increased by a staggering 1,920% year-on-year. The platform drew over 3 million registered users long ago, building a bridge for crypto users in 200 countries and regions around the world. The increase in both the number of supported languages and users comes as a telling proof that CoinEx has been recognized and preferred by increasing crypto users around the world, with its awareness and reputation continuously improved.

While achieving growth in the international market, CoinEx adheres to the "User-First" principle as always. It keeps innovating product experiences through constant breakthroughs, and also gives user service the top priority. According to the information officially disclosed in 2021, committed to providing users with ultimate product experience and trading services, CoinEx has upgraded functions such as Candlesticks, PNL Analysis, Take-Profit & Stop-Loss of futures contracts, and Stop Market throughout the year. As the official news since 2022 releases, the CoinEx App has recently introduced Auto Loan and Auto Repayment in Margin markets, and set up the Voucher Center. CoinEx has been optimizing margin trading, one of its most important functions, to enhance users' experience in margin trading operations and create simpler and easier-to-use products.

As we can see, the CoinEx team has been committed to improving the product system while providing diversified ecosystem services. Concentrating on product use, transaction services, and system security and stability, it strives to provide users with better and refined one-stop crypto trading services.

Eager to explore the international market, many crypto trading platforms often neglect product upgrades on their journey of globalization, and end up with blind business expansion and stagnant products, losing more and more users.

Haipo Yang, CEO of CoinEx, once suggested that in 2022, the company will continue to explore the right direction and accumulate momentum in steady development to grow into the infrastructure of the blockchain world. During its ceaseless efforts of globalization, CoinEx has always put products, services and user experience first, and been dedicated to products and users. Such efforts have paid off when the subsequent user growth and good reputation pave the way to a greater presence in the global market, sending CoinEx’s globalization adventure into a fast lane.

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