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coinex charity

Shining the Life With Love : Unveiling the Charitable Tale Behind CoinEx Charity

CoinEx Charity always upholds the mission of "Making the world a better place through blockchain," integrating the meaning of charity into every project, injecting a ray of warmth into society.

coinex charity

CoinEx Charity 2023 Annual Review: Education, Far-reaching Impact

Through a multimillion-dollar charity fund, we have assisted more than 20,000 students in 12 countries to return to school, continue their studies, and pursue their educational aspirations, achieving an outreach totaling over 15.5 million.

coinex charity

CoinEx Charity Visits Underprivileged Children in Indonesia: Empowering Indonesian Students to Dream Big

Indonesia has one of the largest child populations in the world. Like Brazil, India, and China, the country is recognized as an emerging market. However, according to data from the WHO and Statista, as of March 2023, approximately 25.9 million Indonesians are living in poverty; only less than 70 percent of children have access to education, and many have dropped out from school. Compounding the issue is the fact that around four million children and teenagers under the age of 17 are forced to work, many of whom even have to endure exploitative and dangerous conditions. In response to this pressing situation, CoinEx Charity, an international charity organization, has launched the Back to School program. This initiative aims to help underprivileged Indonesian children gain access to education and donate care packages to impoverished households in local communities.

coinex charity

CoinEx Charity Grant for Fulfilling Dreams Reaches 12 Countries, Empowering Underprivileged Children

“Seven years ago, the world made a promise to end extreme child poverty by 2030. We have made progress, showing that with the right investments and will, there is a way to lift millions of children out of what is often a vicious cycle of poverty,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said in a recent statement at the United Nations General Assembly.

coinex charity

CoinEx Charity Donates Multimedia Equipment and Scholarships to Empower Thai Education

CoinEx Charity, an international charity, launched the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams at Wat PiKul School in Bangkok, Thailand on September 18, 2023. At the event, the organization donated multimedia equipment, sports gear, and teaching supplies to the school and also provided scholarships for the students. The program aimed to contribute to local education in Thailand, improve learning conditions for underprivileged students, and foster a more enabling educational environment.

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