Building a Charitable Partnership: CoinEx Charity and HDF Join Hands in Supporting Children’s Education

2023-04-28 13:14:57

On August 13, 2022, CoinEx Charity visited children at Human Development Foundation (HDF)’s Mercy Centre in Thailand and made cash donations, which will be mainly used to procure school uniforms, shoes, books, stationery, as well as other learning items, allowing the kids to continue their education. This collaboration also led to the charitable partnership between CoinEx Charity and the Thailand-based HDF. The two will fully leverage their respective advantages and resources and mobilize support for charitable causes. Together, CoinEx Charity and HDF will engage in all-inclusive collaborations that focus on education equity and medical assistance, empowering children’s education.

A charitable partnership motivated by love

As a global charitable organization, CoinEx Charity has so far raised funds and support for 19 countries and regions and set up the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to offer unwavering support to disadvantaged groups worldwide while pursuing its mission: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. The organization has been honoring its corporate social responsibility since day one. In terms of education equity, CoinEx Charity conducted the Book Donation Worldwide campaign, empowered schools, raised funds for them, and provided students with financial assistance. It has sought to improve the learning conditions of children around the world and offer more kids access to quality education. As for disaster relief, CoinEx Charity has offered immediate donations and assistance to disaster-stricken areas. When the Philippines, Brazil, and Bangladesh were hit by disasters, the organization spared no effort in organizing rescues and facilitating post-disaster reconstruction. When it comes to poverty alleviation, CoinEx Charity visited the poor in countries including Iran, Nigeria, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, and Indonesia and offered them daily supplies, medical kits, and cash donations. In addition to its care and concerns, CoinEx Charity has done its best in helping individuals facing challenges and difficulties.

HDF (Human Development Foundation), a well-known charity in Thailand, focuses on children. Its core programs include education for children living in slums, child protection, combating AIDS, and community services. The shared sense of mission and responsibility in relation to children’s education is what inspired the international charity partnership between CoinEx Charity and HDF. Motivated by love, the two will join hands in creating a new era of charitable collaboration.

Empowering education

As the first charitable program jointly hosted by the two organizations, the Mercy Children Program will continue to provide educational opportunities for kids at Mercy Centre, help break the cycle of poverty, and extend a helping hand to children and communities in Bangkok’s slums. The program will build and run schools, improve household wellbeing, and protect the rights of street children. Moreover, it will fight the AIDS crisis, respond to everyday emergencies, and provide shelter for orphans, street children, and children with AIDS.

At the moment, 100 children live in HDF’s Mercy Home. Through cash donations, CoinEx Charity will work with HDF in improving their educational and living conditions until they can get their first job. The Mercy Children Program will appropriately allocate the donations it received, pay close attention to poor children, and provide shelter and education for more kids. Together, CoinEx Charity and HDF will bring children warmth and hope and contribute to the charitable cause of improving educational conditions for poor children.

Love inspires charitable collaboration. CoinEx Charity and HDF will keep in close contact and leverage the “1+1>2” strength in hosting charitable programs that focus on children’s education and health, bringing love and hope to more kids in need.

CoinEx Charity sincerely hopes to team up with more charities like HDF and jointly focus on educational problems in poor regions. Together, we will be able to improve children’s learning and growth environment and provide them with more opportunities. Let’s join this charitable cause, pass on a loving message, and do our best in bringing warmth to those in need.