CoinEx Charity Grant for Fulfilling Dreams Reaches 12 Countries, Empowering Underprivileged Children

2023-11-02 02:39:44

“Seven years ago, the world made a promise to end extreme child poverty by 2030. We have made progress, showing that with the right investments and will, there is a way to lift millions of children out of what is often a vicious cycle of poverty,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said in a recent statement at the United Nations General Assembly.

According to the latest report from UNICEF and the World Bank, as of 2023, an estimated 333 million children worldwide, one sixth of the global child population, are living in extreme poverty. While children make up only one third of the global population, they account for more than half of those struggling with extreme poverty. The report highlights that Sub-Saharan Africa carries the highest burden of children – 40 percent – living in extreme poverty, and the region’s share of children living in extreme poverty has been increasing year by year.

Poverty has had a profound impact on the education of children worldwide. New UNESCO data shows that the global number of out-of-school children has risen by 6 million since 2021 and now totals 250 million, nearly 30% of whom live in Sub-Saharan Africa. One in five African children are unable to access education. The importance of education is self-evident, as the lack of it restricts the opportunities for children living in poverty, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

The key to addressing this issue lies in providing equal and quality educational opportunities for children. This responsibility does not rest solely on the shoulders of any single NGO or government. It requires concerted efforts from international organizations, charitable foundations, and government agencies worldwide. Together, they can provide educational resources, healthcare services, and educational funding for underprivileged children and save them from their current plight around the globe.

This year, CoinEx Charity, an international charity, initiated the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams campaign and hosted 15 educational charity events spanning 12 countries across the globe. Through these events, the organization has provided comprehensive educational resources for over 2,000 underprivileged students worldwide. Through scholarships, campus renovation, and donations of school supplies and teaching equipment, the campaign has empowered the education sector on a global scale, as CoinEx Charity offers underprivileged students the opportunity to continue their education, preparing them for their future adventures.

CoinEx Charity, established by the long-standing crypto exchange CoinEx, has remained committed to its mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place” since day one. During this course, the organization set up the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to reach vulnerable groups through charitable programs around the world, offering genuine support where needed.

The Grant for Fulfilling Dreams, founded by the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund, aims to sponsor underprivileged students worldwide by providing them with better learning opportunities and educational conditions. In addition to tuition support, CoinEx Charity has made generous donations of school supplies and educational equipment, creating an enabling environment that fully engages with all students.

CoinEx Charity covered by an African media network

This year, the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams has reached 12 countries, including Türkiye, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Africa, Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and more, which has extended its benefits to underprivileged children from different backgrounds. The success of this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the diligent efforts of the CoinEx Charity team and the strong support from local governments, schools, and media outlets. Their collaboration has pooled efforts from all stakeholders to provide fair educational opportunities.

Grant for Fulfilling Dreams covered by an Indian media outlet

Apart from funding support, the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams also brings underprivileged students hope and opportunities. With an improved learning environment and more educational resources, poor children are more motivated and equipped to realize their personal dreams, which is the original goal of the campaign.

We still have much to do in our pursuit of global educational welfare, and many children still struggle with poverty. Continued efforts are required to facilitate sustainable educational welfare, reduce inequalities, and enhance the quality of education for underprivileged children. CoinEx Charity calls upon international charities and philanthropic groups to join hands and take effective actions to provide all poor kids with equal access to education and safeguard their rights and futures.