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Fees Standard

Spot Trading Fee
Futures Trading Fee
Deposit & Withdrawal Fees
Borrowing Daily Interest Rate
CoinEx trading fee rate varies by different VIP Levels and Market Making Levels.
VIP levels are categorized based on meeting any of the conditions for CET balance, total asset value, 30-day spot trading volume, or 30-day futures trading volume, while market maker levels are determined based on varying trading volumes, with main and sub-accounts combined for calculation.
The snapshots of CET balance (Holding in the non-CoinEx address included) will be taken at 0:00 (UTC) everyday.
The snapshots of 30-day trading volume will be taken at 0:00 (UTC) and calculated in accordance with the USD exchange rate at that time.
All VIP Level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) on a daily basis,all Market Making Level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) on the 1st of each month.
User's actual fees is determined by the lower number between VIP Discount and Market Maker Discount.
By holding CET and activating "Use CET as Fees", CET can be deducted as trading fee directly, which applies to all coins' trading.
Maker: Market makers are those whom buy or sell at a certain price. They provide the gasoline/depth for the market. Taker: Market takers are those whom look for a suitable proposed buy/sell order actively and execute it once conditions are right. These orders reduce the market depth.
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VIP Level
Note: The current VIP level is also determined by the most recent evaluations of CET balance, 30-day spot trading volume, and total asset value, meeting any one of the specified conditions.
Spot Market Making Level
Requirements of Ranking: Last-month spot trading volume ≥ 1,000,000 USD

Maker negative rate: Settled in rebate. For spot transactions that meet the requirement of negative rate, the trading fee is calculated at 0%, and the actual rebate will be settled in USDT on the next day.

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