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Dechat Protocol
BNB Chain
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Coin Introduction

1. Project introduction

Dechat is an open, secure web3 communications protocol that powers decentralized user interactions. Let your users chat, discover and transact digital assets seamlessly within and across your applications.

DeChat stands as the first SocialFi product seamlessly integrated with inscription technology. This groundbreaking feature sets DeChat apart in the blockchain world. "DCHAT," the platform's flagship inscription, has established itself as the largest SocialFi inscription on the BNB Chain, boasting an impressive base of 58,000 wallet holders. This widespread adoption underscores DeChat's significant impact and growing popularity within the blockchain community.

2. Token application

Dao governance

1.Holders of DECHAT can get votes to determine the future development and major decisions of Dechat DAO.

2.Privileged access.

3.Create spaces for socializing User and group management.

4.claim airdop of projects token which cooperte with dechat.

5.Spontaneously join dechat family to organize effective offline and online activities.


1.To open a live broadcast room and conduct live project explanations for the community, DECHAT needs to be burned.

2.Opening a public meeting room requires burning DECHAT tokens.

3.Dechat will build a decentralized protocol for socialfi. Third-party companies need to burn DECHAT monthly to access the API.

4.Minging identity NFT.

5.Community official certification need burn DECHAT.

6.Burn DECHAT and pay USDT get crypto credit card,this cards can use in the world.

Staking DECHAT to mine.

Staking DECHAT in dechat app,You can get a fixed annual income from financial management.

Super Node Mining

Dechat is a large decentralized social platform. At the same time, more community partners will be invited to join the node plan. Node incentives will be mining incentives based on contribution. A certain amount of DECHAT will be pledged to obtain node qualifications. The responsibility of the node is to complete community expansion according to the indicators. The task goal of holding chat tokens and burning chat tokens with the community. Nodes that successfully complete the tasks will receive an annual 5% dividend incentive from the mining pool.

Chat to earn

1.Invite friends to join the ecosystem and hold DECHAT , and you will receive DECHAT incentives,There will be different mining incentives based on different levels of contribution.

2.Promote the dechat ecosystem, Invite web3.0 projects or ecology to join the community, and each will receive DECHAT.

3.The more token incentives issued by the official certification project in the dechat ecosystem, at the same time, the project and the community participants of the project will also receive mining incentives.

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