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AI & Big Data
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Coin Introduction

1. Project introduction

Forta is a blockchain security infrastructure provider that offers a range of services and products to ensure the safety and security of the crypto ecosystem. The team behind Forta is made up of experienced experts from academia and industry who have published multiple blockchain security papers in prestigious conferences, reported several zero-day attacks of DeFi applications, and secured billions of cryptocurrencies.

One of the key services offered by Forta is smart contract security audit, which covers EVM-compatible chains, Cosmos ecosystem, and Rust-based chains. This service is designed to help developers and DeFi projects identify and fix vulnerabilities in their smart contracts before they can be exploited by attackers.

Forta also offers a security suite for developers and DeFi projects, which includes a powerful transaction explorer designed for the DeFi community and collaborative testing on private chains forked from mainnet. This suite is designed to help developers and projects ensure the security of their code and prevent attacks.

For crypto users, Forta offers a powerful browser extension designed for the crypto community and a crypto fund visualization and analysis tool. These tools are designed to help users manage their crypto assets and investments more effectively and securely.

Overall, Forta is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the crypto ecosystem who wants to ensure the safety and security of their assets and investments. With its range of services and products, Forta is well-positioned to help developers, projects, and users stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape in the blockchain space.

2. Application

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token application:

The tokenomics of Forta is centered around its native token, FORT, which serves as the primary means of value transfer within the platform.

(1) Paying for transaction fees on the Forta network

(2) Staking to participate in network governance and decision-making

(3) Incentivizing developers to build and contribute to the Forta ecosystem

In addition to these use cases, FORT tokens can also be earned through participating in the Forta network as a validator or by contributing to the development of the platform. The distribution of FOR tokens is designed to be fair and decentralized, with a focus on rewarding early adopters and active participants in the network.

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