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No. 82
Internet of Things
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Coin Introduction

1. Project introduction

Jasmy provides an IoT platform that can securely and efficiently manage data sent from IoT devices, using our own idea and the latest blockchain technology. We also provide services that allow users to safely manage and operate IoT devices, as well as allow client companies to grasp the status of IoT devices and manage them centrally.

Jasmy will contribute to the creation of new value-added services by creating an environment in which client companies can analyze and utilize the data measured by IoT. At the same time, we make it possible to analyze data that respects individual rights with a democratic method using decentralized management type blockchain technology, which is different from existing platformers that centrally manage personal data.

SKC is a core service of Jasmy IoT Platform that can safely and centrally manage various data that belongs to individuals and is generated from daily life, based on the basic idea of "democratization of data".

SG is another core service of the Jasmy IoT Platform. By using SG, IoT devices can be easily and securely registered in the original blockchain network, and at the same time, an environment that can only be accessed by the owning user is realized.

2. Team introduction

President & COO: Kazumasa Sato

Chief Security Officer (CSO) & Senior Strategist (CISSP): Tadashi Morita

Board Director & Head of Software Development: Takashi Hagiwara

Jasmy Softech Chief Information Officer/Enterprise Architect: Sheng Guo

3. Investment institution

Turbine Capital, Chain Capital, WXY, Bisheng Capital, Keyin Capital, BlockAsst Management Pte Ltd

4. Application and distribution

Token application:

JasmyCoin, is a custom token created on the Ethereum platform. It is based on the ERC20 standard. Therefore it enjoys the security and processing power of the Ethereum network. The token can also be used by an unspecified number of individuals and businesses to transfer tokens using digital devices, such as smartphones or laptops, as proof of value exchange or payment for services. By not limiting its usability, the token can have a wide range of purposes.

Token distribution:

Ecosystem: 48%

Fund and institutional Investor: 27%

Contributor and Communities: 20%

incentive: 5%

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