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AI & Big Data
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Coin Introduction

1. Project introduction

Morpheus is designed to incentivize the first peer-to-peer network of personal general purpose AIs that can execute Smart Contracts on behalf of a user, known as Smart Agents. Providing users open-source Smart Agents to connect to their wallets, Dapps, & smart contracts promises to open the world of Web3 to everyone.

The user’s Web3 wallet for key management & to sign recommended transactions when interacting with the Smart Agent. A Large Language Model trained on Web3 data including Blockchains, Wallets, Dapps, DAOs, & Smart Contracts. The SmartContractRank algorithm to score & recommend the best Smart Contracts to the user. Longterm memory of user data & connected applications stored locally or via decentralized cloud to provide a broader context to Smart Agent actions.

Finally, the average user can talk with their Smart Agent in normal language and have it understand the question and take an action based on their intent/approval. This moment is similar to how Google's search engine opened the early internet up to the general public through their easy to use web interface in the late 1990s.

To make Smart Agents accessible to everyone and increase decentralization of their infrastructure, the Morpheus team proposes the development of the Morpheus network. The Morpheus network will include a fairly launched token (the ""MOR"" token) for incentivizing all four of the key contributors to the network. Namely, the community of builders creating interfaces, coders contributing to the Morpheus software/agents, capital providers adding liquidity and those supplying computation, storage and bandwidth. It has been well shown by the history of Bitcoin and Ethereum that free & open competition for scarce digital tokens can provide scalable infrastructure for a public blockchain over long periods of time.

2. Token application and distribution

Token application:

The main utility of the MOR is staking for access to a pro-rata amount of the Morpheus network's compute resources.

From the Metropolis phase onwards, you will also be able to stake MOR towards frontends and smart agents you like, thereby directing community emissions to them and be rewarded in their native tokens.

Additionally, MOR will be the main asset for AI projects launched in the Morpheus ecosystem, like ETH for Ethereum.

Finally, all settlements between parties in the Morpheus Network are also in MOR.

Token distribution:

The distribution will start with four Morpheus contributor groups earning the tokens by providing forms of proof of work (labor) and proof of stake (capital) to the network:

→ 24% to coders

→ 24% to capital

→ 24% to compute

→ 24% to the community

→ 4% for protection funds

The block reward will start at 14,400 MOR per day and then decline by 2.468994701 MOR each day until the reward reaches 0 on day 5,833.

By that time (about 16 years from now) provided Morpheus is in wide use, the fees will have taken over as the primary incentive. Fees paid to users for their data, fees to compute providers, fees to capital providers and fees to coders.

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